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Broken shoulder with osteopenia


Can’t believe what I did a week ago today, was in my salon and sat kind of sideways on the backwash seat chatting to a client when I just leant too far (very much like Del Boy when he fell through the bar) and the whole backwash unit came with me!!! I have fractured my humerus and broken my shoulder,so today I go back to fracture clinic and will have to have more X-rays to see how I’m healing, so because I have osteopenia will it take much longer to heal? X

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Sorry to hear about your fracture. I went through something similar. It doesn't sound like your fracture healing should be affected. Here are a couple of things that turned up from a quick search. Hopefully you will get some good news and some answers at your clinic appointment today.

I have osteopenia and I fractured my humerus about halfway between my shoulder and my elbow. I had minimal healing after 8 weeks in a brace and sling. I ended up having surgery to have a metal pin inserted into the bone. After the surgery, I was told to take 5000 units of vitamin D daily for 4 months. I was completely healed about 4 weeks after the surgery.

I hope you have better luck than I did.

Ooh I hope I don’t need surgery! In this one week it’s moved 0.5cm but dr says at least it’s going in right direction! I guess we have to hope we stay big only safe from covid but safe from fractures too. X

Wow, what a spectacular accident must have been horrendous. I believe Del Boy landed on a mattress - you obviously didn’t. I broke both bones in my wrist in January and so I can almost feel your pain and the inconvenience. It isn’t something you think about until it happens is it!

Keep eating a calcium rich diet - have a look at this link

and I would definitely take high strength vitamin C preferably slow release if you can get it to help with the healing, it does work and I’ve known lots of people who have had it recommended by their doctors.

I’d also take D3 as Pumpkin says as well as K2-Mk 4 - to direct it to your bones and some magnesium.

Good luck with it all, don’t do anything else dramatic - I’ll cross my fingers that you don’t need to have it operated on.

If everyone on here is on bisphosphonate which is suppose to protect your bones how come you are still having fractures? Has anyone looked into having hyperparathyroidism as this is renowned for causing osteoporosis in post menopausal women

I had a blood test for hyperparathyroidism and dr I’d ringing me tomoro with results, to be fair I’ve only been on Alendronic acid for 5 weeks so if hasn’t had a chance yet to strengthen my bones. Orthopaedic dr said yesterday he doesn’t think the osteopenia will be the cause of my broken shoulder.

But it could. I hope it is hyperparathyroidism cos an op could sort it out and restore some calcium into your bones potentially giving a better dexa scan outcome. Hyperparathyroidism causes your body to leak calcium from your bones into your blood so eventually your bones lose density.

I only discovered I had osteoporosis after I fractured my wrist. I was thoroughly checked out and tested for all the secondary causes of osteoporosis - hyperparathyroidism, lack of vitamin D, lack of calcium and something else. I’ve got a family history of osteoporosis plus I’ve also got inflammatory arthritis and I had a hyperactive thyroid a few years ago.

I’ve not been on here for very long but from what I’ve seen people still get fractures even though they are taking bisphosphonates.

Your last paragraph is very scary.... id be asking why ! Definitely wont br taking it

We aren't all on bisphosphonates. In fact as osteopenia isn't a disease most of us shouldn't be on any osteoporosis meds but instead using the warning of bone thinning as a wake-up call to improve our nutrient and exercise regimen to avoid future need for OP meds.

Osteopenia only means that your bones are no longer as dense as the average healthy 35-year-old. That would mean pretty well everyone over 50 or 60!

HeronNS in reply to Barberdiane

And protein along with the micronutrients already suggested. :)

But go one minus point on and it becomes a disease. Why? I dont think anyone shud be on bisphosphonates i think its just a cheap option rather than sort out ths real reasons. Dr's are not always right. I agree supplements exercise etc. We shudnt accept we are over fifty and are bones are less dense why are they less dense and why are many of us having fracture after fracture when we are given meds to supposedly to make our bones stronger .....i dont get it ! Bisphosphonates might be cheap but they arent saving the nhs any money because they are having to deal with broken bones caused by them 😤😤😤

My bone density was osteopenia (-2) and recommended alendronic acid. I refused and did my own thing with food, supplements, and exercise. A year later my DXA was -1.6 (same machine).

Just goes to show you. Im waiting fir a parathyroidectomy which hopefully will improve bone density. I walk an hour everyday i do weight bearing exercises and have a healthy diet with a lot of fruit veg wholemeal grains and a small amount of meat ( not a lover )dont drink dont smoke have a bmi of 24.6 drink plenty of water so no way am i taking a bisphosphonate. If the surgery doesnt work Im going to do what u have done. Keep up the goid work

Have a look at this, then. May give you some ideas. Bibliography a bit dated now, but what I did (still do) obviously worked:

A very interesting read thank you

Hi - I am now in week 4 with the same problem. I fell gettng out of bath and can't even work out how I fell as I did or why! I went to A&E for Xray and back following day to see physio and given sheet of exercises to do 3 times a day. I did not imagine how difficult it is to manage anything with broken shoulder. My breakage as yours. My sister had to move in and do everything for me. (Had broken wrist before and that was bad enough but nowhere near as difficult to manage).Had Xray after 2 weeks and was told no more displacement and given few extra exercises to add to list. My arm was black, especially around elbow and now as I tske my arm out if strap for exercise it is painful around elbow as I straighten it but to be honest my arm isn't really giving me too much pain apart from that. Have follow up call from physio booked for Mon.

My brilliant sister must be worn out! Helps me dress etc cooks and washes and brings lots if coffee.

I would say impossible to someone to manage a shoulder break on their own

I do feel a little more confident than I did a couple of weeks ago.

Hope your arm heals quickly. I was told 6 - 8 weeks in sling but after speaking with physio prob 6.

Best wishes

Barberdiane in reply to Pippy36

I went to fracture clinic yesterday and thankfully it’s healing well, orthopaedic dr discharged me while apologising for doing so only 2 weeks after a break but said it’s simply not safe to be at hospital with covid, I have strict instructions written down what I have to do for the next 10 weeks!!! X

Pippy36 in reply to Barberdiane

I too have only telephone appts and exercise sheet which plans for the 6 weeks.I have oesteoporosis and bone scan about 5 years ago was not good even though I had been taking Alendronic acid for 5 years. (Very slight improvement). Was offered a yearly injection but not suitable for me to take as I have heart problem

The weeks are passing quite quickly tho.

Barberdiane in reply to Pippy36

Well I had such a rubbish night last night, between my back & my shoulder I was still awake at 4.00, I’ve stayed upstairs all day just sat in the bed, apparently I have many old fractures on my back and it just starts hurting randomly all over my back, does worry me x

Pippy36 in reply to Barberdiane

Nothing worse than a sleepless night on top of everything else. I seldom sleep well broken shoulder or not. It's frustrating having to lie on your back all night too!

How are you? I hope things are getting easier for you.I saw physio this week - 4 weeks after fall - and have more exercises added and can now take off sling during day but must wear if I go out. Am gradually being able to do slightly more and feel little more confident. I hope you feel you are progressing too. Best wishes to you

Barberdiane in reply to Pippy36

I feel like I’m getting there slowly, ice packs helping greatly, I think I’ve tried to use my hand too soon and had shooting pains from wrist to elbow, when I’ve googled and asked a friend who’s a nurse it all seems pretty normal & part of the healing process, I was very careful yesterday and kept my upper arm stuck to my side like I was told and I had a better day yesterday, elbow is painful but it’s all connected isn’t it.

I told my physio about my pain in elbow - worst of the pain there and blackest of bruising. I have had no pain from elbow up which is strange, in fact the only really painful time was when I took my arm out of sling and straightened it but that has eased a great deal. I expect you had the leaflet of all the exercises too. Gets a but tedious doing them but must be done. In a few weeks physio said I could use a little pulley over door ( not yet) and ordered a cheapo one on Amazon.😀

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