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Bone Health
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Osteoporosis and Multiple Sclerosis

I’m newly diagnosed with osteoporosis and I also have MS which means I fall over, a lot! My ability to exercise is limited so I’m a bit concerned about how I’m going to try and improve my bone density. I’ve had two recent fractures, my shoulder from falling down the stairs and my wrist after falling when getting out the bath. I’m finding it all a bit much at the moment as it was hard enough dealing with MS, let alone having Osteoporosis as well

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Hi Lynne,

I am sorry to hear that you have MS and have now been diagnosed with OP as well. I am sure this has come as a huge blow, as if MS is not more than enough to contend with. I hope that you have a fair amount of help and that you have the necessary aids in the home now to make your life easier and less likely that you may fall and fracture again. Have you recently had a shoulder and wrist operations since fracturing? I presume you had a DEXA scan after the first fall and found out that way? Were or are you taking medication that can weaken bones?

I do not really know what to suggest. First you really need to get over your fractures and wait until they heal. I really feel for you.

There are chair exercises one can do which can be incredibly energetic. They are not weight bearing but any exercise is better than none - that is of course when you feel well enough. There are so many of them on line - just make your choice of what suits you.

I have done chair exercises sometimes and they can be very hard work. I too, like you have a very bad shoulder (awaiting a revision of a total shoulder replacement) so could not do some of the exercises but it does not matter if you cannot do them all. Mr. Motivator chair exercise videos on line bring a smile to your face, well he does mine and that is so important.

I have joined my local NOS branch and look forward each month to going and meeting up with others with OP and hearing talks on osteoporosis or other things of interest. nos.org.uk/help-and-support...

You could always have a chat with a nurse on the helplines at NOS. I have heard those that do are really pleased they did. nos.org.uk/contact/

Are you taking or thinking about taking any OP medication, vitamin D capsules or a combined calcium and vitamin D tablet?

Look after yourself. :)


I don't have a bone density exercise but one exercise my physio Pilates teacher recommended to help with prevention of potential falling

You stand stationary and to begin with you may want to have something to hold on to or do it when someone standing with you

Hopefully this will make sense

All you do is stand with your feet on the ground, keeping your feet still. with the rest of your body you move making a figure 8 shape. start with making a small figure 8 to begin with. So the top part of the 8 will be infront of you, the lower part of the 8 behind you keeping your feet still. then when your muscles feel confident you can increase the body movements to make a bigger figure 8.

The aim of this exercise is to get your muscles reacting to whichever way you may be likely to fall, the figure 8 covers falling forward, backward, sideways, diagonally and at the same time helps strengthen your core. It may also get your muscles used to moving in that direction as in a fall in that direction giving your brain a few extra seconds to react.

You could try this several times a day when your in a safe place to do it

Not sure it will help with head over heels falling tho!

Hope that makes sense.....my meds not quite kicked in yet



I wonder whether the place to start is with exercise targeted at balance as Jo suggested. The MS Society may have suggestions as to suitable exercises diet rest etc. which suit your combination of conditions. Once you see improvements in your stability it will help your confidence and you can then take it up a level.

Ask your GP what exercise schemes there are locally, or specialist physios. Following a regime designed for you is the best way. Sadly you often have to aim low to start with but it can be the safest way. Sounds like walking on sand would be good if you are near the coast. Best of luck.


A good balance exercise is standing on one leg and then the other, like a flamingo. Definitely have a work surface near or a chair for safety.


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