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My doctor wanted me to have a dexa scan as I had really bad joint pain, and as my mum had osteoporosis, she thought I should have one done. My friend had been waiting 5 months for one with no appointment in sight, so I decided to have one done privately. It cost just under £200. It took a week for the results, but the hospital wouldn't give them to me, they went to my doctor but I couldn't get an appointment for 3 weeks, and the hospital wouldn't tell me over the phone.

Eventually my appointment came round,and then the doctor informed me that yes I had osteoporosis in my spine, but my hips were not tested, and if I'd had an NHS scan, they would have been. I think that is scandalous. If anyone is thinking of going private. Check first.

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  • I think you were very unlucky - I have always been given my results if I have anything done privately, but .... 1) if you have a chance, get scans done in Europe. Friends pay about £50 for a DEXA scan, and 2) you might like to see aftercancers.com/2017/07/nh...

  • Thanks Veriterc for your reply. I will definitely be more cautious in future. I havnt received a bill yet, but when I do, I will ring them to find out why it wasn't a complete scan. Like you I've had things done privately before, and a letter has always been sent to the doctor, and a copy sent to me. Next time I might just hunt out my passport!! Wishing you all the best.

  • Good luck! But it is a pity that the private sector doesn't do more to 'police' its members. Incidentally, I found Eurostar has excellent service to Lille, and there are lots of English-speaking clinics that carry out scans. The Tourist office can usually supply a list of recognised centres.

  • That's useful to know. Will definitely bear that in mind. Thanks again Veriterc.

  • veriterc That's very helpful - so do you just select one and turn up or do you mean that you obtain a list beforehand, pre-book etc.?

  • Ring the private hospitals and find out when they are doing the scans. It's usually a mobile unit that parks up in the grounds of the hospital throughout the year. I had mine done at the spire. Could check The Nuffield too. Check also your local NHS hospital too. They often do it on a private basis and a lot cheaper.

    I would have been happy to do that , but they didn't get back to me when I rang, and the mobile unit was at the Spire that week.

    You need a letter from your doctor. Once you get that , you can read it out to them over the phone, and then they will book you in. Make sur they will test your hips though, as they didn't with me. Good luck.

  • Friends have gone for scans to the University Hospital in Lille - a short trip on Eurostar and very efficient. I made 'use' of this hospital for post-polio exercise advice. If anyone wants to find out what DEXA scans etc. cost, go to rdv.esante-lille.fr/portal/...

    and this form is in English.

  • Thank you veriterc - it's showing up in French for me so I need to browse through later and locate a price list.

    The prices are out of date and something might have changed but I found this account of places to look at for the services: aftercanceruk.wordpress.com...

  • There should be a Translate button in the top right hand corner - it's very small.

  • I must have been extremely lucky... Got an appointment with my NHS GP straight away. Then an x-ray the following day confirmed cracked vertebrae and osteoporosis. Two days later saw my GP again and was prescribed medication and also referred for a Dexa scan. Two days later had an appointment come through for the Dexa scan the following week. Service was probably better than going private. Now I've just got to learn to live with this debilitating condition... on top of a total knee replacement that has gone horribly wrong and left me in constant pain. Oh to be 17 again, not 71

  • Hi littletoe,

    TKRs! Gah! ;) I have had two TKRs and one revision. One knee is great since the op in 2008 the other still not right. I have given up with that for now and live with it. I am sorry to hear your TKR has not been successful. Life can be a bitch at times but I refuse to let it get me down. I have my "rubbish" days and then give myself a little talking to and get on with it. :)

  • The variation in what's available really is a postcode lottery :) littletoe46

    The results sound horribly uncomfortable for you - I hope the medication does its job and that you find as decent a way of managing as is practical.

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