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Morning all

Hi from the National Osteoporosis Society! We wanted to drop in and thank everyone for their constructive, welcoming and diverse conversations on here. We hope that you find this forum useful, regardless of the stage of your journey with the condition. Remember that if you have medical questions (or indeed any questions!), our nurses are available five days per week on a freephone number 0808 800 0035 or by email nurses@nos.org.uk and they really are experts on this condition.

We'd ask you too to respect each other's opinions, the forum rules and be sensitive while in debate. Sometimes there are no right and wrong answers, there are just opinions, and even we (after 30 years as the UK's leading osteoporosis charity) can't give a definitive answer on something!

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Hi thank you for all the good work you do . I don't often post but do read them all.


Hi Sarah,

I haven't needed to ring or email yet, but it's very reassuring to know the nurses are there if we need them. xx


this is an excellent forum, the responses have widened my knowledge of OP and been a great help. OP does seem to be something that is on the 'back burner' of the medical profession - perhaps we should ask Kirsty Walk to produce a documentary - as she did with her excellent programme on the Menopause by talking to real women, something like this would highlight this wide spread condition which nobody seems to talk about, kind regards...................

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Have to thank NOS for their help in the past...I have used the helpline quite a few times and have appreciated the advice I have been given.

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