Osteoporosis & under active thyroid

I have an under active thyroid taking 150mg of levothyroxine (for years) and last week was diagnosed with osteoporosis 3.9 in spine & 3.7 in hip, prescribed alendronic acid ...but a friend has advised research that states that bio phosphates are not good long term & she has stopped taking them....feeling confused & would be grateful for any research documents that I can be pointed towards.

Many thanks

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  • Hi just read your message I'm the same as you got under active thyroid and been taking AA since Jan got osteoporosis in hip. I haven't had any side affects as yet so try them also take calcium and bought vit D and K2 from health food shop was advised on this site by a member don't know if they will work for you. Gill

  • Thank you Gill

  • Hi,

    Consider posting a question on this forum -


  • Thank you Londinium

  • I am not a fan of bisphosphonates as my research also showed the long term use to be detrimental. Discuss with your consultant or NOS as there are other options

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