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scoliosis and spondylolisthesis at young age

hi, i'm just updating my current situation after been several months i'm not active. before, i was diagnosed not officially as scoliosis's patient. and the dr. only get me as one that get severe back pain. i stopped my physiotherapy 5 months ago and i try to find another hospital to get checked up. last month i was officially diagnosed as scoliosis and spondylosisthesis. it was hard for me because i was really young to get into this problem. my age is 21 and i was 18 when i started to fell the pain. i've been hearing too much from other people that i was too young and its really disturb me. i really worried when i getting older and now its difficult for me to find a suitable job because of the pain. did anyone out there who had a same situation like me? at least i will fee like i'm not alone with young age that had this problem..

and now i start my physiotherapy again and i start taking supplement and i start doing chiropractic once a month and its really help. did anyone had a better suggestion for me to get any treatment or tips to get better? i love hearing any suggestion and any other stories that maybe can be an inspired for me..

tq for reading

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Hi nnsaf

I have had scoliosis since a teenager or that is when it was noticed (by me) and nothing was ever done about it. I have always exercised and the scoliosis has worsened but I walk unaided and do what I want to do and I still exercise and I think this has helped me so far, in the long run. So although I am much older than you I noticed my scoliosis at about the age of 15/16. I do not suffer with spondylitis which I understand can be very debilitating at times some people with worse symptoms than others. I do have joint problems and have had three joint replacements.

I am afraid I cannot inspire you with any stories but I have and do enjoy my life so far. I shall be 67 this year. I have a lovely husband and two great children and two grand children whom I love to bits.


I used to work at a special school. Some of the Cerebral palsy students there had scoliosis at age 5. It worsened as they got older, and a few had a rod inserted surgically. My husband has it, but didn't know until I told him.


Hi poemsgalore,

I am a member of and it is amazing what can be done now regarding correcting scoliosis.


hi kaarina

thanks for reading my story. its really good to hear that you have a lovely family. and don't worry, you do inspire me. at least it's get my hope high for me to get married and have a wonderful family like u. before this i'm really worried about the pain when i'm getting pregnant (as the doc remind me) and getting older but now hearing from you which is really make me happy. thanks a lot. i really hope you will have a long and better life. i really enjoy for joining this group and sharing my stories and love getting feedback from any of you.


Scoliosis - NHS Choices

Scoliosis is where the spine twists and curves to the side. It can affect people of any age, from babies to adults, but most often starts in children aged 10-15.

My grandaughter had an op. for it when she was 3 years old.


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