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Hi, has anyone used a Power Plate for exercise, if so did you find it helped. There doesn't seem to be much information for this, but I seem to remember reading in the press a couple of years ago that they were good for bone health and wondered if this included OS. Jennyjay

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  • Hi Jennyjay

    I am having an initial consultation with a power plate trainer next week. My osteoporosis consultant confirmed using power plates can help build one to two percent muscle.

    However I am a little concerned as I have osteoporosis off the lumbar spine and am worried in case I shatter this so will be seeking further advice before I start.

    Let me know how you get on.


  • Hi Mistydawn, All the information I have had up until now seems that the jury is still out. The gym that I go to for the last 20 years as a power plate which I have used intermittently don't know whether it has made any difference either way,but I am going to try and use it for 10 minutes 3 times a week and see how I feel and if I notice any change from more constant use. I will keep you posted ,regards jennyjay

  • Thank you Jennyjay x

  • Hi Jenny, if you've ever been treated for cancer it's a definite NO! I work in a leisure centre on the weekend I'll try and ask one of the gym staff if it's ok for you to use

  • Hi Jenny, could you explain why "it's a definite no" if someone's ever received cancer treatment?

  • Hi Londonium, there's a very very slight risk, that if there were to be the smallest cancer cell in your body, the vibrations from the power plate may 'wake them up' so it's just a way of avoiding another cancer diagnosis, hope this helps, Jenny

  • Don't we all have cancer cells? The body is never completely clear of all cancer cells, surely?

  • I can't answer that, sorry, i just know that if you've been diagnosed with cancer it's a no no

  • Hi Londonium, I've just checked with one of my gym instructors, if you've received cancer treatment power plate is a no no, hope this helps

  • Hi JennyMary,

    Would help if they actually said why it's considered a "no, no". 🤔

  • Hi Londonium, i was treated for Breast cancer, successfully, in 2013, one thing i was told when i returned to the gym I'm to never use the power plate, more preventative, but should there be even a microscopic cancer cell in my body the vibrations from the power plate may same them up, so it's essentially more preventative than anything, hope this helps (even though exercise helps keep the cancer away i would give up the gym if it meant my cancer never returns)

  • Thanks JennyMary,

    I'm not expert but... As far as I am aware we all have, at all times, some cancer cells in our bodies. When our mitochondria, metabolism, immune system etc are not functioning properly, that's when the cancer cells run riot. 🤔

    I'd probably ask them to provide me (or direct me to) published reference papers re power plates etc that I can read. 🤔

  • I rang the helpline & spoke to one of the nurses who gave me directions to access a leaflet on the website on vibration plates. She also talked me through it, astronauts who have been in space lose bone density ,through lack of weight bearing, so they go on vibration plates. The advice to me was check with your Dr first but there is some evidence to show it helps & certainly strengthens muscles which in turn support bone/ joints. I have a fragility fracture of the cervical spine, I do 10 minutes every other day on my vibration plate depending on how uncomfortable my back is feeling. Common sense is the key I think. Hope this helps.

  • Hi jennyjay, as per my last post I've asked one of my gym staff regarding your question on power plate use, he's said that there's a lot of health issues which prevent/restrict usage and it's best to ring your local gym who will know the answers to your questions, good luck

  • Thank you Jennymary I will do this

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