torn muscles

hi im new here .my mother is 67 and has Osteoporosis she has 2 fractures in her lower spine .she has noticed that alot of her muscles are tearing and is wondering why this is happening ,has anyone else heard of this? thanks

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  • How do you know when your muscles are tearing?? Just wondering.

  • hi its not me its ,my mum she said she can feel it

  • shes on mst and oromorph

  • Hi victoria,

    I am sorry to hear about your mum. I would have thought if a lot of her muscles are tearing severely enough she would have extreme inflammation, bruising and near complete immobility. She may have strained some muscles. If so, RICE is probably in order along with a prescription for anti inflammatories. She should see a doctor about it.

  • whats rice? also just below her left knee has swollen up doc didnt give an answer

    for that

  • shes reading this and just said whats rice by the way were in the uk

  • Hi Victoria,

    RICE is Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate

  • she cant do cold has tryed heat pad .

  • just standing up to get into a wheel chair are tearing her muscles

  • Sorry Victoria but I just can't envisage exactly what 'tearing' muscles' is. Can you explain? She may feel pain when using certain muscles but I'm not sure that 'tearing' is accurate.

  • I'm victorias mum, have you never pulled a muscle when you've done sport or anything, well that is what I'm gettting but moore painful, and in my calf of my left leg I felt it tear and that part of my leg is now numb, even something like reaching for something is pulling a muscle, todays favourite place is around the rib cage on my right side, I have even hurt the muscles in my breasts and hurt so much I had to hold my breast while hubby washed my hair and showeed me.....don't know if this makes things any clearer ,,,,, this has all happened the last few weeks since x rays showed a couple of spinal fractures in the L1 area.... any help will be much appreciated...thank you

  • Hello, Victoria's mum, why don't you call the NOS helplines and speak with one of the lovely nurses there. I have not used this facility but have heard that those that do have really been helped. The lines are open from 9am - 5 pm on weekidays and on Tuesdays until 7.00 p.m.

    Look after yourself. :)

  • heather xx

  • is that in the uk?

  • Yes, NOS (National Osteoporosis Society) is in the UK and the helpline number is: 0808 800 0035 (Free osteoporosis helpline)

    This is the link to the NOS website:

    Why not call the number tomorrow and speak with a nurse.

    Do let us know how you go on. :)

  • its hard to explain,she stood up yesterday and her leg went and grabbed hold of me said it felt like she pulled a muscle....nearly took me down with her lol..

  • Something similar happened to me a few years ago when walking a steep hill. My leg/knee gave up. I was able to walk after a few minutes rest but it was scary. My leg was numb after it. I thought it was just a weak knee and the doctor said my knee wasn't too bad and would improve itself. I wasn't happy with the numbness. A Chinese doctor immediately put his finger on the point where it was painful and a course of acupuncture cured it. Last August I went over on my ankle after falling off a dropped path and pulled a foot ligament which has taken months to heal. I do believe and know we lose muscle strength each year as we age ( in my 60's). I am now going regularly to the gym to do weight training under a personal trainer not alone for muscle building but also for my bones as I too have osteoporosis but no fragility breaks. I walk, dance and do Pilates. First and foremost take care of yourself and heal. No exercise until ready and do it under supervision. The National Osteoporosis Society has great leaflets about exercise at different stages of osteoporosis. Look online and on this site for nutrition and supplement advice. Only you can decide your way forward. Good luck.

  • PS. It was a torn ligament in my leg that caused the collapse of my leg and numbness. Looking back it was myself who was fussing about my knees as the joints have wear and tear. I should have left the doctor to make the diagnosis instead of putting words in her mouth!!

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