forsteo injections

I was diagnosed following 2 falls and have fractured 4 vertebrae in my spine. I am now

giving myself daily forsteo injections. I have kidney disease and stomach ulcers. My

consultant says he won't know what to prescribe for me when the 2years of injections

is up. I also have a chronically inflamed bladder, plus other health problems. I will not

take anything that affects my kidneys or bladder. Are there any new treatments


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  • Hello, I'm in the US and have started Forteo by the Eli Lily. Perhaps it is called Forsteo where you live.

    I also have questions about what happens after the two year maximum runs out. The medication is quite expensive here $2400-3000 per28 day supply pen. There is a two year maximum use, I am told by the Forteo Contects helpline by Eli Lily, because the medication was only tested for two years prior to the USDA approved it's use.

    How in the world are you afording it? Does our national healthcare program provide it? If so, I congratulate you. This is the only product in my research that I can find in the US that actually encourages the production of new bone, not just the prevention of loss of existing (old) bone.

    My prescribing physician is a rheumatologist teaching professor at the University medical shool in my city. I realize that my osteoporosis may be a peranent maintenance concern. However, at this time, we don't know what follows the Forteo. Maybe nothing for a few years....need to wait to see how effective it was.

    There are other medications, incluing an infusion type, but these are questions I will be asking at my next appointment with my doctor latter this year.

  • I have been injecting forsteo for about 9 months. I could not tolerate the usually

    prescribed medications and in the UK it is given as a last resort. My consultant

    says he won't know what to give me after the 2 years is up, so I am going to do

    some research of my own. It is very expensive but I have been fortunate enough

    to have it prescribed on our NHS. It is a growth hormone and apparently is the

    only medication which can grow new bones. It has been found to cause cancer in

    rats, but not in humans. Osteoporosis is a horrible affliction to have and I have

    had a broken elbow and wrist in the past, and currently have had 2 bad falls and

    have fractured 4 vertabrae in my spine. Because my spine is compressed my

    stomach bulges forward and my whole body shape has altered. I advise you to

    research any new treatment you are prescribed because some of the side effects

    can be horrendous. I know of some people who have broken jaws and lost teeth!

    So far the side effects of forsteo have been minimal and I am shortly having a scan

    to see if there has been an improvement in my bone density.

  • yes the NHS is paying for me. My consultant is the only one here to be able to prescribe it as it is so expensive.

  • Are you doing anything else to help your bone health? Nutrition, a few supplements and any appropriate exercise you can safely manage should all help to improve your bone health, and can be carried on even after you start your drug holiday. My condition is not nearly as severe as yours, but I've been able to improve my bone density without drugs, so I expect nearly anyone can.

    Do you take Vitamin K2?

  • How lucky we are to have the NHS . See the comments from America re the costs to her for Teriparatide

  • I wanted to let you know that Forteo can be provided without cost, including the needles, to individuals in the US by Eli Lily. The cost I posted is the retail cost for those whose private insurance would not approve it under it's plan, have a co-pay of a percentage of the cost, or did not qualify for Eli Lily's assistance.

    Best wishes that you have success with your healthcare decisions.

  • Forgot to mention that calcium and D3 are the only additions to my diet recommended by my rheumatologist while on Forteo.

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