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Why are dexascan only taken of hips and lumbar spine?

Why is bone density scan carried out on just spine and hips rather than area where an osteoporotic break is suspected? A recent bone scan showed that my T score had Changed from -2.7 to -0.5 in the seven years I had been treated wIth ibandronic acid. Having had a complex shoulder fracture my consultant said it was an osteoporotic fracture. How can he know this without the evidence of a dexascan of the shoulder?

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Hi, when I went for my dexa scan in May, they did my hips and arm. They told me that doing my spine would give a false reading as I had had fractures there already. Apparently healed fractures are denser. That was their explanation, I asked the same question.

Good that medication appears to be doing the trick !

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