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Blue Faery Liver Cancer

Seeking HCC patient/caregiver PHOTOS


We're seeking real photos of HCC patients and/or caregivers for our upcoming Patient Resource Guide. We are producing 40K copies that will be distributed to 7000 places around the U.S.


1. The photo must be of only one person but it can be of you (the patient) or of you (the caregiver). Ideally, the background is somewhat neutral and the photo is easy to crop. If you're not sure, include multiple photos for the designer.

2. The photo must be high resolution. * Low-resolution photos would be the main reason we would not able to use your photo.

3. Please name the photo with the name(s) of the people in the photo. Example: Jane Doe_HCC patient_October 2018

4. The photo does not need to show the patient getting treatment. It can be before, during, or after treatment.

If you are interested, email me for a link to the Dropbox. Thank you!


NOTE: You will need to sign a photo release.

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An Adrienne smile is just what my day needed.

I’ll get you some pics shortly!

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