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Is anyone on Doxazosin and experiencing itching??.

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I am on doxazosin but suffered from itching long before taking it so not related in my case.

Same here, my itching is caused by Vasculitis. Had no probs with either Doxasosin or Felodipine.

Yes, when Doxazosin was added to the BP pill Losartan. I used to wake up with blood on the sheets from scratching through my sleep every night. Initially, a GP prescribed a skin cream to use in the shower and as a moisturiser, followed by prescription anti histamine. Nothing helped. In desperation, and with an 18 week wait to see a dermatologist on the NHS, I had a private appointment and a skin biopsy pointed to the Doxazosin, confirmed when the itching disappeared after stopping the medication.