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It is what it is and we get on don't we.

Hi all, I had a spirometry last Wednesday followed by a chat with my consultant. She told me that my lungs are operating at 50% capacity but only 25% gas exchange.

Put in simple terms I am operating on half a lung. I find it quite amaizing that I can do what I can even if oxygen turbo boosting is needed when my throttle is opened.

There are all sorts of changes coming on that bumpy road ahead. Discussions are underway on removing the Intravenous filter, inserted to stop the large blood clot in my upper right leg from breaking up and reaching my heart or lungs, taking me off warfarin, reducing my steroid dose, loseing yet more weight. The final stage of the lung transplant assessment, signing the surgeons consent forms on Monday.

It seems that there is never a dull moment in my life but thats how it is for us with damaged lungs, so 'It is what it is and we get on don't we'.

Good Luck and Health to you all.


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Deaf right, i,m not calling it a day yet either, good luck with the op. "H"

I might need a bit of luck so thanks azaard and too right nobody's going anywhere, we'll still be chatting on this forum for years to come.


Hello Dall

I hope that all goes well for you.

I'm on Warfarin for life - absolutely wonderful (NOT)! I have had four DVTs and four PEs in the last four years (even had one while on Warfarin).

The confirmation of whether I have COPD or not is still in the balance for me - if I can manage to stay off antibiotics for long enough then I can at least have the spirometry test.

Please be very vigilant when you come off Warfarin just before your operation - one of my DVTs developed just after my second operation for cancer. I had my operation (in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth), stayed in hospital for a week, was discharged on Friday evening, was driven home, woke up on Saturday morning with a left leg which did not match my right leg(!!!) and was in Treliske Hospital, Truro, on Saturday morning, at about 9am! I was in for about ten days and came out of a zimmer frame (couldn't master the crutches). So painful (and I ended up with another PE).

As I said, I hope things go well and that you are on the mend really soon.

Best wishes


Spot On ... Perspective And Tolerance .... And Like Azaard Say's Good Look With The Op And Al The Best

Cheers Daz, It seems as though were all in this together so we stick together eh'

There's no point in being bitter about our situation, what we have to do is get the best that we can from it.


Fingers crossed for you Tony. xx

and toes

Thanks auntymary.

Hi Pepsi C, I had my DVT experience in ITU on August bank holiday 2010. As you say my right leg did'nt match the left but for 4 days no one would agree with me that I had a DVT untill the holiday was over and they ultra-sounded my leg to find a DVT, WOW!

I was told that I would be on warfarin for life but now with transplant in mind this may not be the case.

The concensus is that I probably only got the DVT because I had been bedridden for 2 months

which is what I thought at the time but I will be very vigilant believe me.

Thanks Annec.

Its strange that they won't do your Spiro while on antibiotics because they did me last Wednesday and I'm on long term ABs. Did'nt seem to be a problem.


Good Luck and Health to you also.

Keep breathing and keep having birthdays.

Keep us posted!

All the best

All my best wishes that things will go smoothly -- love Annie80x

All the best, I want to hear about the Malvern Hills.

Lynne xx

Good luck, let us know how you get on x

Good luck x

Good luck Tony.

Love and best wishes


Good luck Tony, but hope your footy team loses to mine (Stags) next week as we need the points more than you to catch Kiddy.

I'll see what I can do, Kiddy are our local rivals so we don't want to see them promoted so come on the stags.

The Bulls are playing better away than at home but I'll be there on Tuesday night cheering us on. If you test our defence enough you'll be alright as were weak at the back but if your too cautious then Boman Sharp and Jackson could make you pay.

Good Luck WS, hope your playing in the football league next year and we'll join you the following year.


Good Luck in the future dall05. And while I am at it, Good Luck to all you happy sufferers who don't let your heads go down. There is some wonderful courage shown on here. Bob

Your absolutely right phillips1 there's no lack of courage from the good people on this forum.


Oh Tony,things are getting exciting for you! My heartfelt wishes go with you,will be thinking of you,do keep us posted.

Love Wendells xxx

Thanks Wendells, Once the concent forms are signed on Monday and there's no unexpected hickups then It will get really interesting everytime the phone rings.

The transplant co-ordinator told me the quickest waiting time for somebody was 2 hours but some never get the call. She said all you can do is live your life and have fun while you wait and that'll do for me. Fun Fun Fun and a little more Fun thrown in for good measure.

Tony. xxxx

A very good friend of mine had a lung transplant nearly two years ago The worst thing was waiting and wondering when it was going to happen. She only had one lung transplanted in the end, but the difference is amazing, I can't keep up with her. Good luck hope you don,t have to wait too long.

Yes I'm sure the waiting and wondering will do my head in but I'm pretty good at copeing, Its my family that will struggle more but I'll do my best to keep them from going crazy.

Thanks for the positive post nixy, thats exactly what I need to see at the moment.

Tony. :)

All the very best - hope the op call comes soon and you'll have a new lease on life.

A new lease of life sounds good to me Dedalus, maybe a return to cycling and the tennis court some day, thanks for your nice comment.

Tony. Look out Bradley Wiggins and Andy Murray :)

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