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carbon dioxide


hi anybody know anything about levels of carbon dioxide ?

managed to set my kitchen alight on sunday got out of the back door,3 engines 2 ambulances and 1 rapid response in attendance .Had smoke inhaltion, lovey when yout fev1 is 23 and you have asthma paramedics said carbon dioxide level was nearly 4 so was taken to hospital .

On arrival nurse did usual tests then said carbo dioxide level still high so said i would have to stay in but she would have to do my blood gases first so off she goes 5or 6 seconds later a doctor pulled the curtain back and said you can go never had bloods done

This pleased me and i wasnt going to argue who wants to be in hospital .My duaghter wasnt very happy ,i had a banging headache sore throat and coughing also the nurse said my blood pressur was up ..

My daughter got the impression because it was on my notes i had copd so iwas wheezy anyway !!

Any way it was a very scary situation to be in but iam here to tell the tale part of the kitchen gutted and smoke damage but all that can be replaced ,my insurance company came the next day

thank you for readin g this

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My CO2 reads at 6.4 and I am told this is the high end of what is advisable but okay. The 'safe' level varies between individuals though, some tolerating high levels better than others. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful and glad you are safe.

thank you for your answer

Some people can live with higher levels of carbon dioxide as normal for them, as my doctor told me it makes getting the oxygen a body needs harder when the carbon dioxide blocks it out so breathing goes. When using oxygen they measure that the body is taking away the gas that is not needed with copd this can be slower than normal people can.

newlands in reply to Jonty

hi many thanks for answering and your help

This basic guide on the arterial blood gas test method with levels contains some answers for the question.

For me most reassurance that all was found functioning inside a level regarded acceptable came with no further treatment and recovery from bad experience at home.

many thanks for your reply i never had my blood done because the doctor discharged me without examing me .

My daughter was corncerd because a fireman who was giviin me oxygen used this contraption and said the carbon dioxide level was high so did the paramedic when she did it and again the nurse at the hospital . As you say i was i was allowed to go home my daughter just found it strange that 3 other in the profession thought other wise it wasnt an oximeter the used thank you for your reply

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