Buying/hiring an Oxygen concentrator for holidays


My mum is on overnight oxygen. She is due to go abroad on holiday in a few months and the company providing her O2 concentrator say they can't supply one for her to go out of the country with.

She is looking at buying one although they are incredibly expensive. Has anyone done this? Or are there any hire facitilies from anywhere?

One of the companies said they'd sell her one and buy it back but it was hugely expensive.

Any help or advice hugely appreciated!



PS - due to her condition she doesn't need it on the flight so we don't need to arrange that too!

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  • Hi Choccie,

    I'm on oxygen 24/7 and enquired last year about oxygen abroad as I had booked my holiday before I was put on oxygen. I had to get in touch with the Alicante consulate who informed me it would cost 430 euros to hire a concentrator for my hotel room for the week but added to the £100 for oxygen on the plane it was too expensive so we had to cancel losing all our money as the insurance company said I should have informed them of my illness (sarcoidosis) although it's only since August that I've got really bad despite the fact I've had it for over 20 years. Anyway to cut a long story short hope this helps, sorry I can't remember the phone number for the consulate but it should be easy enough online.


  • You should have been able to arrange free oxygen against your EICC card you were not given the correct information

  • I hired a portable oxygen concentrator from Pure 02 and took it to Cyprus and Crete. I am sure that other companies who sell concentrators also hire them out. I did not need oxygen overnight though. When I needed to go to Israel (many years ago) I approached first aid organisations in the country who told me where I could go to get large oxygen cylinders and also where to hire a concentrator. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

    Regards Mandy

  • I have been recently finding out about Oxygen abroad. I cannot guarantee you the accuracy of what I have learnt but check it out yourself to confirm. Easy jet let you take the 2 very small oxy. for travelling but you need to show letter GP to say you must have Oxy.If you needed oxy on the plane, with notice ,the plane will supply it. The other thing I found was that British Oxygen have many sites abroud and I have been told that if you give plenty of notice they wii deliver a concentrator to the place you are staying and remove it the day you leave free of charge. I remind you this is only what I have been told I hope to dig further so I can go to Spain in May. Hope this helps a bit.

  • I've just phoned a company in Spain and they will hire me a consentrator for your 2 weeks for 420euros the number is0034676141213 hope this is of help.Chris

  • You can obtain oxygen requirements in Europe for free with your EICC card but it has to be booked here in UK a month prior to travel.

  • How would I go about this?

  • Try Smile rehab. They sell and rent out a variety of portable concentrators with no hard sell and excellent service. They will also let you try before you buy, usually at no cost. Quite a few people on here would recommend them. x

  • Quite agree. They are very good.

  • Dear Choccie,

    You have received some replies regarding detail to the flight. If you read the booklets your Mums Oxygen supplier gave her when they first supplied her for the NHS you will find that with sufficient notice for a foreign hotel stay they will give you a supplier in that area, who will ensure her concentrator is installed as she arrives, the NHS does not pay for thius you need to pay privately, I am on long term 24/7 oxygen and have done this several times with 3 NHS suppliers.

    If she is going on a cruise their is a UK supplier who charge £100 per week they deliver the concentrator to the ship once you have boarded and install it in your cabin while you are there and before the ship sails.

    If you need more details please do not hesitate to contact me via my page of detail.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi all,

    thanks for the answers so far. She doesn't need the oxygen on the flight, just at night.

    Good to know we can get local suppliers, we'll also look at hiring something she could take with her as they are hugely expensive to buy.

    Is there any allowance by the airlines for having it as I guess it is extra baggage but I'd not want it to go in the hold in case it went missing or got damanegd. People can take things like buggies on so is there any extra allowance for medical stuff?


  • I took my portable concentrator as hand luggage, used the airlines oxygen in flight and used my concentrator whilst on holiday. This saved me the expense of hiring oxygen abroad. Some companies provide in some areas but you will probably have to pay for an oxygen concentrator if you do not take your own. I hope you all enjoy the holiday. x

  • hi choccie im going to florida on 19th may im on oxy 16/24 this is only new to me so i was all over the place about getting oxy concentrator for flight and daily usage i tried a few companies and it ranged from 500 pounds but i got 2 weeks hire for 295 and they supply free batteries and will work out what you need delivery and pick up are free hope this helps a little bit for you xx

  • Hi can i ask for the full email address cant seem to find it.  Thanks

  • get in touch with the spanish health care they provide a concentrator free but takes a while to organize i was going to do it myself but managed to buy one on this site remember to look for type pulse flow or free flow u can download the forms

  • Currently if your going to holiday anywhere within the EU you can obtain free oxygen with the use of your EICC card. To start with you need to telephone either The Overseas Health Team on 0191-2181999 or The Dept of Health Customer Service on 02072104850 and they should be able to give you a contact name and number in the country you will be going to. It is then up to you to contact that person who will then need a full address of where you will be staying with a phone number and your holiday dates. You may then be asked to fax them copies of your passport, EICC card, and a letter from your doctor with your oxygen needs on it. Its quite a lot of sorting out but worth it as it saves you a lot of money. If you sleep with oxygen you will be supplied a concentrator just like you use at home. If you need oxygen for getting around take note it is often supplied by a portable unit which is rechargeable and only lasts for 4 hours. Hope this helps you all

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