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WOW over 8 hours sleep last night!!

Don't know what was different but last night I went to bed at 10 read for a bit went to sleep and didn't wake up until nearly 8.30. I have been trying to figure out what I had done differently because instead of waking up tired I actually feel refreshed. The only thing that is different is I have started to use an Olbas nasal stick and had used it just before going to sleep. Have I maybe accidently found my own sleep aid :D I hope so!!

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I am now searching my cupboard for my bottle of Olbas Oil which I know I have.

Last night I eventually nodded off after 3am!!!!!

Most nights I sleep like a log but sometimes (not very often, thankfully) I can't seem to get to sleep. I will certainly try the Olbas Oil if I manage to find the stuff.

Best wishes and sleep tight every night.




Hi Jandan

Synchronity ! I used two drops of Olbas Oil on my pillow last night and had the best night's sleep for a long time. I have a vague memory of reading a blog recently and someone suggested it (think it may have been auntymary - if it was somebody else abject apologies!) but very grateful nevertheless to that kind person. :)


wow must try , I have been not sorry I had been nursing john so very much and as john lived down stairs in the living room I was up and down all night long for five years and I can now not settle. I am so tired and don't drop off till very late then up at a few

hours later. so might try this any thing .


Congratulations,,,, i knew that toyboy idea of yours would work,,,,, :)


No olbas oil, but after the night before when a sore throat kept me awake, I too slept really well.

I put it down to no sore throat, 3 hours working at the allotment and a couple of glasses of wine. :D

Lynne xx


Sleep two or three hours read a book then sleep a little more the time sitting up reading seems a good thing for my chest and has worked for years now. That much sleep would shock me and my book will not be read before the library want it back again.


Hi Jandan, I was up your way last friday visiting the inlaws, some live in Bredbury and some in Heald Green so we went to a pub inbetween the two for lunch called the Midway. Good food at a fair price. As usual I ended up driving, so my family took advantage at the bar.

Good fun was had by all which was the main thing and I drove us all safely home to Malvern at 12 oclock pm. Its amaizing how quiet the M6/M5 is at that time of night.

I hope the Olbas oil continue's to work for you as there is nothing worse than being deprived of sleep.

Tony. good luck and sweet dreams :)


You should have popped in :D


Hi jandan - My doctor recommended Olbas oil some time ago and now never go out without it.

Three sniffs up each nostril before sleep - I usually sleep well. I swear by it.


Congrats on getting 8 hrs Jandan you lucky thing! Just a query are you on oxygen? If yes does that include oxygen while sleeping?


I am an oxygen user craftsman1. I don't put oil up my nostrils but do put a couple of drops of olbas essential oil on a tissue tucked inside my pillowcase and it works well.


Hi craftsman

No I am not on oxygen I am lucky enough not to need it and with help I just hope it is a long time before I do. If you have a query about oxygen when sleeping why not put a question up or phone the BLF helpline



Thanks auntymary. Reassuring to know i can still use olbas oil even tho i'm on oxygen. And thanks jandan - it was the oil up the nose i was concerned about!


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