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Busy! busy!

Well! yesterday was pretty active, but I have a grave suspicion that I am paying for it today - last night in bed was a bit of a trial (No! not my OH). Started the day on my exercise bike - 7 kms, but it too 35 mins, then a fairly brisk walk around the yard (it is level, thank goodness) for 10 minutes followed by my daily sweeping routine (damn leaves!). In the early afternoon we went shopping for a couple of hours anf finished off taking the dog round the block (not far - about 700 metres). Feeling a bit fragile today as I am also trying to get over a week long exacerbation so am still taking AB and prednisolone. Sun is not out today so this makes me feel a little subdued. Stay well. Martin

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Lord but I impressed with how much you got done. Slow doe. A bit , do a little less could well equall got some things done and feel good.

It makes me smile when I recall the end of the piece on exercising

If you can complete this sentence without taking a breath then you are not working hard enough. He'll I can't do that when reclined at rest !

Keep on keeping on,



BLOODY HELL SUPERMAN IS REAL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :)


Well done Martin.

Lynne xx


OMG do you have COPD or OCD. Keep smiling. :D

Carole x


Having a lay down after reading that martin1945 leave some puff in the sails for getting past the infection. Steroids make me hyper nothing quite the same only hyper compared with normal speed.


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