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The sun

Has got his hat on,


The sun has got his hat on,

But I can't go out and play,

I had my morning tablets,

so that's it for the rest of the day,

And a naughty full English fry up,

hasn't helped along the way.

. ...............................

It was realy good,especially the gooey eggs lol

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Has got his hat on

What a lovely day

But just like Azaard

I cant go out to play

Tablets taken

sneezing and aching

the weeds will have to stay

like Azaard i.m in for the day !!



I want to go out,

to play and lark about,

but my eyes,

Won't stay open,

that long.

So i'll put my feet up,

with the telly,

or a book,

or maybe,

a daft little ditty.

Nod off in the chair,

dream of cigs,and good beer,

but I can't have them,

and that's really not fair.

. Boohoo, snivel, oh woe is me.

. Not really I don't drink nowadays.


Well azaard everything that puts a smile upon the face is a good thing. :-)


Yep if it makes you smile it's good,just be carefull of the giggles, co's they can carry you off.

to the the hospital, and A&E just don't get it, that laughing don't do us folks a power of good, well it does, but the concequences can be dire. But hey do we care, not really.


The sun has got his hat on,

Unless its just a trick,

He knows I can't get out,

And he just has to take the Mick,

One day I will get out there,

Before I get too old,

But at the present moment,

It's just too damn bloody cold.


I think we should have a poets corner. There's some good rhymers among us.


nice one too true though


ha ha i'v had my hat on.and sat in the sun for dinner.it felt so lovely but alas i sat too long after dinner so in i go and dither. but was very nice realy .


Really glad you enjoyed it


Id like to be out there

Where the weeds just stand and stare

They know i'm on my way

They're just not sure which day.!

Maybe theres a conspiracy

To keep me stuck in here

So the weeds can fight my flowers

Trying to appear

So when the aches disappear

I shall dress up warm and go

Trowel in hand to the garden and tell those weeds

The same as I told the snow...!!!!


Competition entry?


Love it ivy, wizh i still had a garden


I,ve still got one Azaard but cant do much out there, I sit on a little garden stool and do what I can.

One of my sons gives me a hand when he has time.

Very frustrating when you,ve been used to doing it yourself.

A few years ago I used to spend hours doing the garden.



Yeah i used to spend every spare minute i had in my gardens or greenhouses, i really do misd them, i miss the pleasure i got from people passing by and stopping to admire the flowers. Never haing to buy veg or salad when in season, it was there for the picking and cursiing the daisy's for invsding the lawn,. Lol never did get rid of them completely. Dread to think ehat it looks like now. But thats gone now and i have accept it


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