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Getting help

Hi my dad has chronic lung disease due to pheonomia and smoking for years he did give smoking up about 4 years ago, He had cancer and had a laryngectomy about a year ago, How long does it take to get the right sort of help? He has been reffered to plumstead lung clinic but still no appointments have been made, its a joke, he is getting worse at the moment with coathing fits it scares me when im around him,The NHS are pretty useless i think. The government have a big part in the illnesses of people from smoking, they no the stuff kills but they still allow it to be sold, HOW WRONG IS THAT, they are basically killing people,I no people have choices in this world but if they cared they would ban the selling off tobacco, The thing is they care about money and there own wellfare, this come from people who say they have your best interests at heart,Ball sht. This contry makes me sick im not even proud to be British any more.To many people suffer and not enough help is out there for old age humans. It makes me sick.

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does he have a nurse? may I ask where you are in the uk? you can keep on at your dr ring daily and keep asking has a letter been sent, can you have a copy of the letter so you canb follow up. we have a long waiting list for plumstead clinic.

next step is call blf they will help promise you they will hel[p


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