Here Comes The Sun - duh de duh de !

I escaped today up to my local for a few pints. The sun was out the sky was blue and if you kept out of the shade I could feel the sun through my duffel coat and five layers. Got to the top of my road - 200 metres and had to stop to get my breath back ( an average good day ) . Turned into the High Road.

The high road runs on a virtual north south axis and it is a bit of a hill. The wind was blowing in from the North East and it hits you in be face and takes your breath away. So I got the bus. Really enjoyed a couple of pints and walked back about half a mile home.

It was so good to get out and also got a phone call from an old friend of mine in the pub.

Had a really nice day AND the weather will improve in two weeks back to average April temperatures, I will be out in the garden with the lovely wife. Her mother had a saying "it won't always be dark at six" . Life will get better - good luck to all of you. - Adrian

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  • Hi Beatles, you and all of us huffers and puffers, will be mighty pleased when this dam weather gets 'BACK TO THE USSR' where it belongs.

    Tony. :)

  • Those Ukraine girls..........

  • I say - its alright!

  • Yesterday was a Hard Day's Night. Now Here Comes the Sun and Everything's Getting Better. I shall soon have a Ticket to Ride and be able to be a Day Tripper, or take a Magical Mystery Tour - With a Little Help from My Friends. ;)

  • love this

  • Enjoyed your reply as i listened to a blackbird.

    Hope you enjoy day

  • got to get YOU into my life!

  • auntymary - amazing how the Beatles are so universally liked, part of their enduring genius.

  • Good one Aunty Mary!! Told you I would send some sun from Aus! xxx

  • Do you mean Oz Wendells, like down under? I lived in Sydney for a year in oooh 1983.

  • Yes that's it Beatles,we lived in Sydney for a number of years,but live in,on the Gold Coast.Hope you enjoyed your Sydney time!! We would have been there in the early 80s,till hubby's work took us to Melbourne.

  • Yes I loved Sydney - I lived in Waverley a short stroll (in those days!) to Bondi and Bronte beaches. Coincidentally I got an email yesterday from a relative who has just moved to Sydney and is on holiday in the....Gold Coast! Its a small world really. All the best Adrian

  • Glad life is a bit more sunny Beatles xx

  • How much money do you have to give the wife to let you go to the pub....My chain wont even let me get as far as the gate...... :)

  • Id2409 - well if she doesn't let me out I threaten to sing Beatles songs all day... Works a treat !

  • hi go shopping on line or asked her if she would drive u to the pub and enjoy a few drinks u will feel sooooo much better other peoples company and different conversation might help we all get stuck in our own little world my name is yvonne but i go under one of my dogs name niki666

  • Must be a little devil then,,,,,,,,,,,,, :)

  • Just standing at my front door and feeling the sun on my face is a tonic. Cant wait to be able to walk outdoors without having to keep my hat on and my mouth covered.. Roll on summer.

  • Good times coming just around the corner. Lovely to read this post.

  • Thanks Adrian you brightened up my day with your upnbeat attitude. 200 m quite a hike

  • wine buff-trust me I have had a rough winter like all you guys but yes your'e right - look on the bright side

  • Always look on the bright side of life ta da ta da etc.

  • My signature tune!

  • Here Comes the Sun, Please Please Me.

  • Because the world is round......sounds like a great day,may you have plenty more like this one,I can't wait to get out in the garden too! :) x

  • x

  • hufferpuffer- that is beautiful it made me quite emotional- thank you so much. There is something about Lennon's voice that hits parts of my brain like nothing else- well maybe Beethovens 9th. Am not a classical buff but the "molte vivace" Piece at a decent volume is guaranteed to make you want to live a long life.

    Have you heard the Beatles "love" CD? It was

    A special mix, really excellent. Good luck Adrian

  • beautiful.x

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