Bronchiectasis(My diagnosis)

In August of 2012 I was told I had Bronchiectasis..I left the Dr with a Neb machine and a bunch of inhalers and Azithro to take each and everyday. I was 48 with with a girl 11 a boy 11 and to older children 12 and 16. I have 3 grandchildren. My daughter is adopted by me and I married into a full family of boys. I love my life and was saving to build our very own home. Our house is small for us all and knew it was time to live the American dream..We saved and saved for 6 years. Started building and got to the roof trusses and they kept falling. This was devastating since we were doing it ourselves. So a couple of weeks ago I went to get my sugar checked. Well my liver counts were very high. The Dr says, "Your liver counts are so high and you look jaundice" thats all I had to hear since my mother is fighting now with Cirrhosis of the liver. He said, "You have Cirrhosis of the Liver I will send you to specialist". As some of you know I have MAC (NTM) and that same day was going to start treatment. Well I can't and now I have to wait to see specialist to get some more I have been depressed through the ordeal. He said you are too young for all these problems. I just shook my head in dis belief. I know I work hard with kids and my house and laundry and meals everyday. I knew in some way I am very sick. But as some of you know the aches and pains we deal with because they feel normal to us. There must be some underlying disease to be causing these problems for me. I do not drink !! I eat good food! I don't understand why I am so sick. It's just depressing and fell that I need to get things in order in case because for me to get to a Dr in the United States can take up to 3 months before I am seen. Things like this should not have to wait but here they do if you have no insurance to cover the cost. Thank you for letting me Vent!!!

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  • Vent anytime. We're here to listen and hopefully cheer you up.

  • Yes Thank you the way love the name...I just sometimes feel let down and have to get my head straight and focus.

  • So sorry to hear of all your illnesses at sutch a young age it's shocking how long you have to wait to see a dr I thought we were bad hope talking out your frustrations helps take care !!

  • So sorry to hear of your variety of ailments but 3 months to see a GP? That's totally crazy!



  • BTW...what is MAC (NTM)?

  • Lucky I think it's Mycobacterium Avium complex a lung infection.

    Shirley sorry to hear of your troubles. I know MAC can be difficult to get on top of but many of our friends on the Bronchiectasis R us site have beat it.It is a great site for help with your Bronch. All the best! M

  • That's really weird for it to take so long to see your Doc in the States! Think you should be changing something there. Which State are you in?

  • I have MAC as well as Emphasyma.

  • I often wondered why in American supermarkets they have such a huge range of medication. They must be able to treat most illnesses with the wide variety on offer for sale to Joe and Jenny Public but now I realise its because a lot of them self medicate because it takes so long to get a diagnosis from GP let alone a specialist Dr of any sort.

    The USA are way ahead of us in many ways but personally i think their health care system leaves a lot to be desired. On the other hand our NHS is frequently abused by people who aren't even entitled to use it, people who have never paid a penny into the coffers to support our system. If we needed insurance to cover the cost of our treatment or indeed an appointment a lot more people would be dying before diagnosis and treatment.

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