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Seniors Travelling!'

A travel agent,noticed a rather dejected couple,looking at posters showing glamorous spots around the world.The agent had had a very good month of business,so he invited them into his shop,feeling very generous he said,'I know things are very difficult on the pension,& you could never hope for these types of holidays,so I am going to send you off to a fabulous resort,at my own expense,& I won't take no for an answer!

His secretary was asked to write two tickets,& book them into a 5 star hotel.

As can be expected they gladly accepted &were off!

One month later the little old lady came into the shop,to thank him.'and how did you enjoy the holiday' ?he asked eagerly,"the flight was exciting,& the room was lovely"she said,"I've

Come to thank you,but one thing puzzled me.Who was that old guy I had to share with??

Night Night everyone,Wendells xxxx

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Naughty but nice.I've often wondered who the lady was!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ha ha ha!


You devil, King - little old ladies!!


Nice one wendells, great little story ended with a good laugh. :)

Tony xx


Thanks Wendells, hope you're not snoring too loud!


Good stuff for a laugh - thank you


Oh so it was you king I went with.!!


Sweet sweet the memories you gave me! PS I am not allowed to fly.Sorry


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