When I was young, I was bald.

Then my hair grew.

Then I started thinking, and my hair grew faster, and wavier.

Many years later, my thoughts turned radical and revolutionary.

Then my hair started falling out, in patches.

I was going bald, AGAIN.


Thinking heats the brain, and that stimulates the roots into growing hair, thicker, wavier and quicker.

Thinking hot radical thoughts with PASSION, causes the brain to overheat, which burns the roots, and lets the hair fall out.

Blondes are exempt from this process because although they have thoughts that may be very hot and passionate, only rarely are they radical or organised enough to have effect.

Old ideas.

One theory about baldness was that it was caused by growing too fast thereby leaving the hair behind.

This theory was later discounted after observing people standing up and sitting down. People with hair who were sitting down did not turn bald after standing up. Neither did standing bald people suddenly grow hair when they sat down.

Please feel free to discuss.

Breathe easy all.


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  • Hair today gone tomorrow


  • Very interesting John, my hair isn't as thick as it was so it would appear that I'm thinking hot radical thoughs with passion, I have noticed that my head does feel hot occasionally, next time it happens I will recall what thoughts are in my mind at the time. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Lib x

  • Oooooooooooooo,,you are a naughty girl,,i cant remember what i did 5 mins ago he he chortle chortle....

  • i am a hot head my hair is gone grey


  • Have noticed that when men go bald the hair starts coming out of their ears and nose - has gravity anything to do with this or just that the follicles have flipped over through an over active brain ? ;) My problem is the beard - I have not gone bald AND I'm female :{

  • Recomend a mach 3 razor...chortle chortle :)

  • Tugging atroots ,aren't we?

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