WARNING CHECK IF YOUR MEDS ALLOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! req,i bottle drambuie, and ice cubes, 1 tall glass..Inesert 4 or 5 ice cubes into tall glass,,,gently pour drambuie into glass untill aproxx a half inch in depth in the bottom of glass,,stir gently,,,lick stirring implement clean,far to good to waste,,,,THEN BED AND A GOOD BOOK,,,,,sip slowly and gently,,NO GULPING NOW,,, The slower you sip the better you sleep,,,a good tip is to have a 5 min break between sips.............IF YOU DONT SLEEP WELL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, YOU WILL NOT CARE,,,,,,HEHEHE

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  • Oops I thought you said untill glass half full tra la la...........

  • You mad woman hahaha

  • I would like to try this with bourbon but it costs well over £25 -- in my dreams without it.

  • I have no trouble sleeping but it sounds worth a try anyway. :)


  • You did not mention the width of the base of the glass.

  • That would depend greatly on the size of the persons mouth,,,so i did not want to go into to much tech detail,,,,regarding shape,,density,,thickness of glass,,resistance to ice,,also you have to take into account TEETH OR NO TEETH,,,,,I decided the math for this equation,, may poss be a little complicated for some people,,,,,,,ME INCLUDED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CHORTLE CHORTLE

  • I do not have trouble sleeping but a damned good idea !!!!! May go to bed early tonight !!


  • Brandy and Lovage is my tipple

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