Hi everyone just started reading the blogs again after having a viral infection that lingered for 4 weeks before landing in my sinuses which I had to have antibiotics for I am now on the mend but was left with post nasal drip which is really annoying so yesterday I went to holland Barrett to see if they could suggest anything the outcome I am now taking older less garlic 6 capsules a day plus a salt pipe it's still early days but I feel it's not quite as bad today I will keep you posted how it goes fingers crossed !!!

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  • Does the older less garlic still smell the same as the new garlic only less of it makes the skin smell normal and give the pipe up as bad as smoking pipes are.

  • Ha ha farmhouse this is a magic pipe !!!

  • Glad you are feeling better bacardi,a lemsip with honey,will help dry your nose up a bit.What is a salt pipe???

  • Thank you the funny thing is I don't have a runny or blocked nose so this must be coming from my sinuses .a salt pipe is filled with special salt from Europe that has been used for hundreds of years to help with different things one of which is the airways to help keep them open you use it along with your inhalers so I thought it worth a try will keep you posted how it goes !!

  • I took have just bought a salt pipe mainly to try and clear my sinuses which often cause a lot of discomfort re swollen nose and headache, head pain.Feeling better but just been on anti biotics for a chest infection so dont know if the pipe has helped. Has anyone been using one for a while with good results?

  • Sorry you've been so poorly Bacardi, garlic's great for cleaning up your blood, hope you are eating it in your food as well, you can always chew a bit of fresh parsley to get rid of bad breath! I hear that salt pipes are good though I havent tried one yet. It takes a good while to get back to where you were before the virus but you will! try manuka honey with hot lemon and Brandy as a great pick me up , it realy works! hope you feel much better soon, Carol x

  • Thanks carol I like garlic and will be having it even more if it helps get rid of this post nasal drip I still have a lot to learn about this illness from you all as I was only diagnosed at the end of December so thanks for your kind wishes Jane x

  • Hi, if it helps anyone; you can get sterile seawater from chemist, it's called Sterimer (or Sterimar?) I use it to help clear my sinuses. Very good. P

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