I was diagnosed with mild emphysema 18months ago, the flat I live in has black mould in the bedroom, on what I thought was "just the walls",

but turns out its on the rear and inside rear of my chest of drawers!

Now although there is no sign of mould on any of the clothes, what I need to know is can I get away with just washing them or will they have to be dumped because they have been exposed to the mould?

Need to know so can inform housing as to what I will be doing with them all!!

Does anyone know about this sort of thing??



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  • Hi, Lyn1969 i would not dump the clothes if there is no mould on them, the flat i live in has mould in all rooms in my bedroom my chest of draws there is this green like mould on them but no mould on my clothes i just wash them because they have like a muggy smell but what i do to keep the mould at bay is to brush the walls and furniture down with mould spray i spray it in a bowl and brush it on with a paint brush because i dont want to inhale it because it leaves a strong smell of bleach every where.

  • Thanks for your reply Katay, Ill get other half to have a go in the next day or so as I cant even walk in the room without my chest tightening up and needing my inhalers!


  • Oh Lyn you need to keep away from any mould at all. Hope the housing get this mould sorted out for you soon. Please try to not be around when it's done and ventilate well.

    Love C

  • thanks Cofdrop, Ive had no choice this afternoon, but Im paying for it now! chest is tight and a bit wheezy, had a few goes on my inhaler in past hour using the spacer, so hope it eases off so I can sleep tonight!


  • Hope so hun.


  • well its now 03.11 and Ive just had to use my inhaler yet again....Ill be off to the docs tomorrow I think!

    other half has just gone to bed so I think Ill cover up on the sofa with a film and see if I can doze off that way....up early in the morning anyway for the workmen to "have a look" at bedroom windows!

    oh the joys!!


  • Black mould is a real problem to me, and has caused several rides in an ambulance. It took several stays in hospital to solve the problem, I would recover very quickly once in the ward and be gasping for breath within a couple of days of going home. My wife also suffered with a cough that would not go away. The consultant said it must be a reaction to something at home, when we got home there was a distinct musty smell, when you live in all the time you don't notice it slowly growing, the washing machine had sprung a small leak and soaked under the laminate flooring it was alive with black mould. Luckily the insurance company were brilliant and had an expert round to see us in a few hours. He organised the removal of the mould and sealing up the whole area. We now have floor tiles.

    A few weeks late we stayed in a hotel and in the middle of the night I was gasping, another ride in an ambulance, the breathing was back to normal within an hour. Black Mould in the bathroom was the suspected cause.

    The spores are active at night, and really can cause big problems


  • the workmen came out this morning, 2 of them! one to have a look at the mould, the other to have a look at the window in bedroom!

    mould guy said "oh yeah, no problem, leave window open 24/7 and Ill just go get my stuff and put a wash on it....." no chance!!! the last time they used a mould wash on it was when I had my first "episode" and ended up in an ambulance!! so the conclusion is....get windows sorted (bright guy) and then see how it goes, but dont use a dehumidifier as they are useless????

    so now Ive just got to sit and wait (regardless of the fact that I am currently sleeping on the sofa!) and just hope they decide to sort it very soon!!

    oh well, time to invest in a single duvet instead of my fleece blanket!

    sorry for the rant peeps, but sometimes it just cant be helped!!



  • oh, and Im still none the wiser as to my clothes...more trawling the web before bed I think!


  • The BLF Helpline should be able to help with this query, as they wrote a great piece in the BLF magazine this quarter about mould:

    03000 030 555

    Lines are open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm.

  • thanks for that Katie, Ive given them a ring and waiting for a call back with relevant person

    Lyn x

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