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Grumpy pants!

On to my 4th day of admission at RBH, yes I did get my bed, but that was after they rang me at 11.30 am and I had to scramble myself and stuff to the train station for 1.14pm train. Bit of a grumpy pants at the moment, came down to London with a humdinger of a cold which has gone to the tubes. So think one isn't going to be coming home as bouncy as one would have liked. Aminophylline is doing its job opening up the airways, but also making me very edgy, haven't slept properly for 3 days now, and so desperate to switch off.

The ironing didn't get finished before I left, and the housework well I left most of that for the hubby to see to. Lottie is having a wonderful time in my absence sleeping in my patchwork duvet on top of my side of the bed. Not sure who is keeping who happy, probably hubby keeping Looboo in the luxury she is accustomed, whilst per poor mummy is away.

My essay did get finished on time though before i left, so that was good. So need my bed, and my darling girl today for a cuddle. Was ringing poor hubby this morning just after 7am telling him I felt like a monster, aminophylline can really make you feel like that. Sometimes I get away with it, but not this time.

Trying to behave myself, don't think I have disgraced myself yet and haven't had the screaming habdabs. Been asked to consider Bronical Thermoplasty, but don't think it is for me just yet as it is still in its infancy and not enough is known about the long term outlook. Have asked for further information but cannot get it, so cannot make a decision without the full facts.

So rambling on now sorry guys, witter witter witter.

Huggles Grumpy bum Daxiemad

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I feel grumpy today to and I have nothing to be grumpy about unlike you it must be because it is Sunday at least for me I hate weekends.

I hope they can get you sorted out this Bronchial Thermoplasty I think is being done up here at Wythenshawe Hospital have you been on line to look it up? I bet I am doing my usual telling "Grandma" how to suck eggs I have a terrible habit of doing that so my family say.

Just keep thinking of all that cuggling and huggling you have to make up when you get home and I do mean with the dog not the OH but then maybe both :)

Look after yourself and listen to the medics ;)




Hi Janet yes i have done the online research, but I am rather cautious about it because NICE says that the doctors should supply patients with written information before they make any decisions, I can't get hold of any, plus doctor couldn't or wouldn't answer some straight forward questions. I also know that I could be quite poorly afterwards and my local hospital isn't that supportive, Herefordshire is a long way from London if things aren't going well.


So hard getting back into normal when the rhythm has been disturbed sure Lottie feels the same way about all the commotion and lack of cuddles.

Hope things become clearer on the treatment side so worrying knowing what to do for the best.


Daxiemad, your sense of humour comes through loud and clear at a trying time of your life. I almost feel I am there near you when I read your blog. It will great to go back to Lottie and husband, when everything has been done. All the very best --annie80


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