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Please could anyone tell me if i should avoid being with my grandaughter at the mo. Last weekend she was in contact with a little girl who has since gone down with chickenpox this week, so obviously on the weekend she was already infectious which means my grandaughter could now be carrying the virus. Because my immune system isnt very good at mo, i am worried that she could give me shingles,(i have had chickenpox), and i really dont want shingles as you can imagine. Should i not be with her (agony cus shes 3 and adorable and i love her to bits.), should i wait to see if she comes out with chickenpox. i know the incubation period is up to 2 weeks?

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  • Think prevention better than the cure,,,,,,,,, the helpline will give sound advice...

  • Thankyou for replying. im thinking i should take care at the moment.

  • I'd answer your question but fear being shot down in flames! ;-)

  • Never fear hun, I got the water ready for the flames lol!

  • I can't remember the rules about if you can get shingles if you have had chicken pox etc. so perhaps stay away for now until she is no longer infectious, the poor little thing.

    Lynne xx

  • yes, you can get shingles if youve had chickenpox, especially if you are not well and your immune system isnt too good. im hoping my little grandaughter wont have chickenpox yet, bless her.

  • Hi

    I have no idea if you are likely or not to be infected by your granddaughter

    However if it is possible you would be then you need to stay away

    For a little girl two weeks might seem a long time but that's got to be better than you getting very ill and not being able to interact with her for possibly months

    You have to look at the long term here ... she will be fine in a couple of weeks ... you might not be

    Take care


  • Thankyou for your reply, yes im going to take care and see what happens in next few days.

  • Its your own personal choice hun, if it was my daughter who could possibly be infected I would not allow her to go near my dad, even if my dad had said it was ok. Chances are, she would have shown some symptoms by now but better safe than sorry and like you said it is only 2 weeks. Lots of phone calls I reckon xx

  • Thankyou, yes, better to be safe than sorry.

  • You do not want to make yourself sicker. You need to be away for 2 weeks in order for it not to be contagious any longer. Don't worry the 2 weeks will go by in a flash. You need to be well for her.

  • Thankyou. Yes i am going to see what happens in next few days, the incubation period seems long time, but better to be careful when not 100%.

  • Ok my two pennorth worth, I just can't help myself... ;-)

    If you have had chicken pox then the virus lays dormant in your body. Regardless of whether you have or haven't been around someone with chicken pox a trauma or general drop in your immune system can cause it to re activate and give you shingles. You cannot catch shingles from someone with chicken pox.

    However You can catch chicken pox from someone with shingles IF you haven't had chicken pox. If you have had chicken pox then in a huge majority of cases you have natural immunity from catching it again (but its not unheard of). If you are immunosuppressed and have not had chicken pox and you come into contact with someone with chicken pox then you should go to your doctors as a matter of urgency.

    It's up to you I suppose what you do - you will need to balance the likelihood of you getting chicken pox again from your grand daughter. I just wanted to reassure you that you won't catch shingles from her.

    It's a horrible illness but usually it's better for little ones to get it than in adulthood when it can be incredibly nasty.

    Marie x

  • Thankyou Marie, i was wondering myself, and now you have answered what i was thinking. Ive brought up 4 children , all grown up now obviously, and all my working life have been around children in childrens homes etc. i have quite a knowledge about medical issues, but have always been a bit confused about this chickenpox/shingkes thing. People have different views. i know you can get shingles if you are low. i appreciate your advice, as i do with everyones.

  • I only know because last year my niece had chicken pox and then about a month later my dad got shingles and I asked my consultant about it all because I was so confused! I thought I was going to have to move out of home!


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