my daughters latest blog

my daughters latest blog

o …..I’m back fundraising and blogging about fundraising and generally annoying the hell out of folks again until they part with cash, raise some cash or help me out with genius ideas on how to raise some cash… all for the British Lung Foundation

I know that nearly everyone these days bangs on about some charity or another- charity tins are rattled daily at you, no supermarket visit is complete without someone wrestling your shopping off you to put in your bags at the checkout. And we are of course bombarded endlessly with adverts that rip your heart out asking for donations- the exploited bears, the abandoned kittens- not forgetting the starving children- all ruining those moments in between the feel good episodes of Take Me Out- or Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night- how inconsiderate!

Most annoying are the folks standing in the street- with those cheesy lines. I was once hailed over with the words ‘hey foxy lady’… which clearly meant I had been sussed out as woman desperately in need of some attention- these people are well trained it seems! Once cornered, the outcome is inevitable- of course I can afford £3 a month to help homeless Kestrels I say- the eviction of these birds keeps me up most night- now where do I sign?!!! Once home, I file the paperwork in the drawer next to my Chester Zoo penguin sponsorship and my petition to ‘keep Pigeons British’.

Most cheeky are those people that knock on your door selling you dusters for about 10 times the price of what you pay in the local shops… all in the name of rehabilitation. I often have to wrestle with the temptation of saying ‘ I will buy one for that price if I could perhaps witness it independently working its way all round my furniture- seen as at that price is should do something bloody miraculous! Probably not sensible as most of the folks selling these are over 6ft, with many having a history of GBH! I’m pretty sure I would also want to close my head in the door if I had just walked the streets for hours on end in the freezing cold selling furniture polish only to be met with sarcasm!

Most expensive but dazzling are those huge events where we end up wearing bear ears, red noses or rolling in a bath of baked beans all in the call of a good cause. The big difference is with these events is that you seem to get something for your money- a sneaky dance with the One Direction boys, a giggle at Miranda Hart rambling on with Terry Wogan or best of all a sing along and a cry with the Military Wives-or that is just me? A couple of pounds for what feels like a good show! Of course we want to give money to poor countries we shout- as long as we can see Gary Barlow crying like a baby in some third world hospital…well worth a tenner that!

But basically, however annoying it is, fundraising is bloody hard work. It is mostly very boring, can be very embarrassing, stressful, and relentless and at its extreme even dangerous… I would certainly say anyone shaking a tin at anyone outside Wilko’s in Huddersfield is taking their life in their own hands!

So why bother, why am I here again?

Because on the 2nd March 2013 my father lost his battle to a lung disease called IPF (Idiopathic (no known cause) Pulmonary Fibrosis (scarring of the lungs).. We all sat around his bed and watched him fight for every breath- a fight he lost. Words cannot describe just how haunting those last moments were and nor should they be reduced to words in a blog. My dad’s pain will however be a driving force over the next few months-and I know his spirit will ensure I do what I set out to do- which is raise money for research and to raise awareness of IPF. Not to just find a cure, but to find medicines or methods that mean those last few moments of life for someone with IPF can be more peaceful.

So watch this space for what comes next and stick with me please… I am going to need all of your help. And not just donations- ideas for fundraising help with fundraising events- general taking the p*** out of me when I get fed up….

ROUND 2 Dad xxx

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  • you did it then- nice pic mum..... xx

  • Try at your local Breathe Easy group.I am sure they will be more than willing to help you fundraise.

  • genuinly hadn't thought of that- what a great idea.. mum where is the local group?

  • Nice man, lovely wife, fantastic daughter. xxx

  • thank you- kind words have really kept us going over the last few weeks

  • Thank you Amagran from someone who is thankfully still here but who also has IPF.

    How about all those who are going to try giving up smoking tomorrow (No smoking day) donating what they would have spent on cigarettes to BLF instead?

    I will also put this suggestion on my Facebook page and Twitter. Would be good if everyone else on Facebook and/or Twitter did the same?

    Good luck to you. X

  • Thanks - and great idea... love it!!!

  • Now on my Facebook & tweeted! X

  • Thank you for all you have said and for your generosity... xx

  • I read this blog 3 times. It was was beautifully written and very moving. Never mind Red Nose day - I was thinking about Red Balloon day. Wondering just how can I get it on my FB? my grandson is coming up at the weekend - he is the PC whiz kid. All the best Amagran XX

  • red balloon day- great idea- I will let you know if I can get this off the ground.

    just copy and cut the link annie and you shold be able to get it on :-) x

  • Fantastic idea! Hope BLF take this one up.

  • Good luck with your fundraising I am just about to start fundraising too. I lost my husband last year age 52 to IPF and similar circumstances to how your dad died I would do anything to help research into this disease, thinking of you all and take care. xx


    the link should work on fb

  • The link is now on my FB page! X

  • Thanks :-)

  • Amagran and Dionne2473, Quite simply you two are just great! Well done the pair of you. Tony.

  • Shared on my FB page too

  • ...... and on mine :)

  • Go, girl, go !!!! *cheers* and congratulations on the most moving, well written blog I've read in a long time :).

    Do I have your permission to copy and paste your blog on to another web community I'm a member of Dionne ? Please ?

  • go for it. x


  • I am dionne2473 on twitter - if you want to add me/ follow me - whatever you do on there hah

  • I will make sure I keep you all up to date with my blogs

    just signed up for a 100k walk in June- so there should be some fun ones about that! :-)

  • My breathe easy group regularly manage to donate over £1,000 to the BLF, mainly from the collections stall at the local hospital, we have a rota and take it in turns to set up and sell lots of bric a brac,

  • Ooooh,

    forgot to say, amagran and dionne you are so inspirational, condolances and best wishes to you both



  • Penny has just dropped! Doh! You are both a true inspiration and good luck to you. If I think of anything, I will jot it down. Red balloon day sounds great by the way. xxxxx

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