Burning feeling in lungs

Hi all

I have medium copd, tho deteriorating quite fast if last spirometry is to believed ... mostly emphysema. Taking symbicort twice a day, not massively short of breath, but not good if trying to do anything quickly.

My lungs feel sore, rather as if I had smoked too much ... I don't smoke now btw and haven't for three years. This sore/burning feeling comes and goes and does not seem to be affected by what I am doing /eating/drinking.

Is it what you feel if your lungs are getting worse?

Any info appreciated


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  • Av not experianced nothing like that ... I get sweaty pain that stops me moving think it might be sumthing your breathing in sounds like reaction of some sort

    Think you need to raise it with GP or BLF helpline a Call

    Am all new to this myself so might be others more clued up on matter

    Hope you feel better soon all the best :)

  • hi can u call the blf anytime.as am new.will they be able help me on advice bout pain relief etc.

  • thanks daz

    Good advice .....I do need to make a GP appointment



  • hi u mentioned ur soimetry .wats ur reading.mine was 67.and nurse didnt bother explaining it to me.just giv me a booklet on copd.told me go home an read it.ye thats wat am up against hear in oldham.really not fair u no

  • Sorry text speak doesn't do it for me. It can give the wrong meaning. There are some of us that wont use it.

  • You need to be clear in what u are trying to say annie80 dobble talk don't do it for me :O

  • Ouch!!

  • hello im new on hear am moderate copd thanks to my old gp.ignored my xray from 2012.i have bin given seritde and a blue inhaler.i dont use blue 1. as it makes my nose bloked an bleed abit.so am thinking its this seritde what ave bin givin wats making my left shoulder blade burn.my fingers and right leg.any advice.well am seeing my new gp nx week.he nos about copd .thank god.other new nothing.thats why am in a mess now.i ceased smoking xmas wen i found ot.i wud have stopped last june ad i ad known then xray results.but old gp not really bothered.well its not him wats suffering is it .fingers crossed new gp will give me advice an proper meds

  • Theres a lot of GPs not bothering these days .. Same happend to me hospital wanted to know what he was doing

    Am on steriod inhaler ... To stop mucus doing me more harm and find my blue one works better ask like you b4 it was not working when i was on green inhaler and taking blue one aswell

    Lung spec at hospital told me green inhaler was totaly the wrong one for my conditin

    Am sorry can't explane burning ect ect but glad you have new doc ... Hope you feeling better soon all the best :)

  • Not positive thinking for bolilly who is worried and needs reassurance. T|here are some professional GPs out there, believe me. Annie80

  • Well said! Be a bit more helpful people.

    Lynne xx

  • Lynne annie80 yes there are good gps and bad gps this post was in responce to caroll .... Am not a fan of clicks or things of that ilk and if people ask a question i am not going to lie to them when i would not like to be lied to my self

  • Yes .... Trying to be smart one could say

  • thanks for that Annie

    I think my question got a bit lost

    I'm OK .. will see GP


  • thanks will do.but the burning is relentless.i think it cud be my hitus hernia.

  • Caroll - burning relentless. I have had this. The only person that will help you is your GP You may need a change of medication.

  • hi annie.i saw gp yesterday tld him bout bad burning in left sholder blade doesnt no wat it is.also my groin hernia as popped rite ot.affectin my left leg with circulation bad ave to keep movin about with it.gp sent of for me av groin hernia ot.av wait now.plus 9april am thameside for hitus hernia bad .but its the burning wats relentless .any advice

  • Think you are worried. Best thing is to get reassurance tomorrow. I find most GPs are helpful so dont worry about that. Either ring your surgery tomorrow or the BLF Tel:

    03000030555. All the best from Annie80

  • Hello there, Bolilly. Although I quit smoking about 20 yrs ago, I worked in an industrial laboratory stuck between a paint factory on one side and a belching diesel engine workshop on the other. To say that I worked in a chemical-laden environment is an understatement. In effect, my lungs never stood a chance.

    It was only when I collapsed in a heap with a searing pain, like there was a ball of moulten lead stuck under my ribcage and my breath reduced to almost zero, that I realised I was in big trouble. As it turned out, I had suffered a collapsed lung caused by a pulmonary embolism and, while in ICU, I was diagnosed with "thick blood" and emphysema too. Domino effect in action.

    Now please don't think I'm suggesting in any way, shape or form that you are in any kind of trouble, but there's no harm in getting yourself check over. Could be an infection, like Stitch mentioned. I still have constant pains in my upper body, some days worse than others, but I think they're part and parcel of the COPD crud. More than that I can't say because I still learning about it, even though I was diagnosed in 2005!

    Please let us know what your pulmonologist says and what medication he prescribed. Take care.

  • Hey Stitch, that's another understatement for sure. I truly believed "THIS IS IT!!" Funny how the mind works - my immediate concern was "WHERE THE HELL IS MY BAG???" And WHY didn't I wear my new matching underwear today??? And DAMMIT, I can kick myself for chipping my finger nail on that dang staple! And OMG I'm going to miss my hair appointment tomorrow! I wanted to yell, "DEAR GOD, PLEASE DON'T LET THEM FIND ME LIKE THIS!" :-x

    I laugh about it now, but at the time it wasn't funny. But it taught me a darn good lesson - take your meds! I had stopped taking blood thinners a year or so before because my lower arms had become really ugly from the bruising caused by the smallest knock or scratch. That's when my vanity flew out of the window !

    My new philosophy is: When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile!

    See you later Stitch and take care.

    Leonie ((hugs))

  • Does it feel like a rolling cramp that sticks under your rib..the pain you're talking about

  • Yes, i have had this awful burning in my shoulder blades too, its not nice, and used to make me feel sick. Couldnt lie on my back either. it was usually due to mucous in the chest, or an infection, that would clear up with anti bios. i smoked for 40 years so that didnt help at all, however i have now stopped smoking for 10 weeks, due to having a very nasty infection and had to go to hosp to use the nebuliser. and had antibios and steroids etc. I am almost over it now, but still having few nasty side effects of the steroids. but since i havent smoked (and i never will again), i havent had the pain in shoulder blades. The thought of smoking now makes me feel quite sick. I do not want one ever again. i want to enjoy life. I do hope you find an answer to your burning shoulder blades. That was my experience, but its best to go to your GP and have tests, rather than speculate. All the best.

  • hi all.went to my new gp.monday give me 2 lots of tabs for my hitus hernia.the burning is easing of a littl now.thank god after 10month with old gp doing nothing cept messed me up.an ignoring xrays.av date 9april go thameside wi hitus hernia .the groin hernia am waitin for letter.does any1 google new drug discoveries.i did.as im a newbie.so im gooling everything i can learn.ear in oldham its the pits really for copd sufferers.now a break through for arthritus am glad for that.thers a prof peter barnes at imperial collge harrogate expert on copd .thers a conference 6april.fingers crossed thers good news for us all.maybe sum of u alredy no,but am a newbie .thats why amtellin u this.so we can have faith and hope ye.

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