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Hi All Just gotten over the worst of the pneumonia (am out of hospital) what is the average time for me to get my breath back?


I went in to Hospital on the blues in Jan of this year, I was sent out after four days and they said the pneumonia was gone but now had pleurisy which can be treated at home, that was fine happy with that.

Feb the 5th went back in on the blues with pneumonia (again) and this time in for eight days with so much antibiotics I think I was the healthiest person in the village when I got home.

My problem is when I try to do anything , like vacuum the lounge for instance I am breathless and so easily worn out, so I am just wondered if anyone could give me a clue as to how long this will last.

Take care and Kindest regards


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Hi Terry

That's a difficult question to answer as it depends on how bad the pneumonia affected your lungs. It has been said that in extreme cases it can be six months or even more before you get back to normal (whatever normal is!) Getting regular exercise will certainly speed recovery. Slowly at first and progressively building up your exercise tolerance. Have you done a pulmonary rehabilitation course?

Hi Martin

I have been told it is months not weeks and at the moment when I venture outside I look like a black Michelin man with a balaclava and the lot. my plan is to build up to where i was before as I walk our dogs lunch time and because of the arthritis I have a tree in the park that I go for and I hope ti get there again, went out wednesday and It wiped me out until I hope today when I can take them again. I know I make it seem like miles but thet are three little dogs and my daughter takes them morning and evening but it is my therapy,

With regard pulmonary rehabilitation course I can honestly say no to that (I can only just say it let alone go on it.

I have an appointment with the breathing clinic later this month but last time that was just breathing into a rather large puffing machine, but that is all. apart from an allergy clinic because the first time I was in I got a weird rash come up when they put the last dose of penicillin.

Take care and Kindest Regards


Hello Terry

I had double Pnuemonia last June I was in hospital for 4 days had hospital at home for 10 days but was actually off work for 3 months. Having said that I have Emphysema and If I had just let myself be ill instead of fighting it I would have got better quicker. So my advice is stop worrying about the housework it will all be there tomorrow, I also agree with Stitch getting on a PR course changed everything.

Hope you get well soon


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