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I'm kind of back again!

Hello everyone.

Thank you all SO much for your good wishes and sympathy a couple of weeks ago when I had pneumonia and also lost my precious dog.

I'm feeling a bit better now, I've had 2 weeks of prednisilone steroids and Cefalexin antibiotics but I'm still rather weak and very breathless. I also had a kidney infection which was very painful and I was weeing twice an hour every hour which was exhausting in itself!

I went for a check up on Monday and the Dr didn't like the sound of my chest at all and he sent me for an urgent X Ray at the main hospital, I'm going back next Monday for any results they may of found so I'm a bit anxious in case they find anything nasty!

I'm a little more at ease now I have my dogs ashes back. I can't tell you how much I miss her ( despite still having 2 dogs ) I still cry every day and just miss her so very very much. She was the 'person' who I talked to, loved with all my heart and told my troubles too, despite her not answering me she would react in exactly the right way and her eyes said everything I needed to know. I'm finding it very hard to get through each day without her and at times finding life an uphill struggle that just gets steeper and steeper. At 39 with COPD, a spinal cord injury, 2 strokes and scoliosis of the spine I just don't think it's fair........sorry I'm being pathetic, wallowing in self pity isn't going to help and you lovely people don't need to read it!!


Right, I'm going to sign off and try and relax before bedtime.

Thank you for listening and being there.

Mike x

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Sorry to hear about your bus loads of problems just wish i had sumthing positive to say with regard your health issues and about you pet .... But am wishing you well and like thay say its the little things you rember

All the best and hope you start feeling better soon :)


Thanks dazisnotsogood, much appreciated


Being here is the reason for us visiting the site offering support and advice as we are able.

The grief at the loss of a dear friend at a time when health was bad makes finding positives a struggle that must go on when two dogs are counting on your care for them.

Hope the corner has been turned with things getting better soon.


Good to see you back on here. Plenty of resting still needed though.

Lynne xx


Be kind to yourself, pneumonia takes a while to get over. When my dog died a few years ago, I was distraught, I couldn't stop crying, years later we all still talk about her, she really was the perfect pet. We only lasted a couple of months before we got another dog, and now she is a very much loved dog. Hope you start feeling better soon, but it will take time. Take care x


You are not wallowing at all and as everyone else says, pneumonia does take quite some time to get over so don't apologise. Hope you get some good results on Monday and that things start to improve over time. It is good that you still have your two dogs but missing your lovely dog is to be expected and perfectly natural. We would be devastated if we lost our cat as she is part of the family. Animals of all kinds bring such joy to our lives. You take care and concentrate on getting well. Thinking of you. xxxxx


Having spent three weeks wallowing I can tell you you are NOT. Being weak and vulnerable makes things far worse. The devastation of losing your confidante and best friend will not help but you do need to grieve (as long ast takes) and use us for the bad days. Take any advice that you agree with and forget the rest! Take care we are always here xxx


Losing a pet is like losing a family member, the grieving process is just the same and where you are feeling so low from illness you are entitled to wallow, we all feel for you here as we understand, I hope things improve for you soon and you start to feel better, sending my best wishes to you, take care xx




Thank you're like a big hug!

It's been an awful day health wise today, so fatigued, weak, breathless and terrible back ache. My elderly mum was rushed to hospital at 4am this morning by ambulance as she had a severe reaction to some medication for her arthritis, she's stable now but looks very very swollen and looks like she's got 20 bouts of chicken pox all at once!

Sometimes I wish life would be easier for me but, and I know this is a cliche, there are people far worse off so I shouldn't wallow so much.

Thanks again for all your good wishes.

Mike Xx


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