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Air-nergy oxygen machine


Has anyone used or know of the effectiveness of the air-nergy oxygen machine ? it was discussed on the This Morning ITV programme by Dr Chris Steel ? some time ago. I can't find any independent asessment and the web site doesn't give retail price list.

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My daughter sent for the info on this just after the t.v. programme. It is a very expensive machine, and not really for COPD. It is more for giving energy to sports enthusiasts as far as I am led to believe. Dont waste your money.


ageing-lioness in reply to ingy

Hi Ingrid.... thanks for your reply, I'll put the money to better use then! Bottle of Rioja sounds good for starters!

My OH has IPF diagnosed last week,it has pulled the rug out from under.So many questions and no answers, I just sat there wishing the dr would say.... But I know a man who does! Maybe we'll just hit the bottle and join the other AA instead ....Hope you have a good day 2moro AL

I agree with ingy don't waste your money

Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation

Hi There

As far as we know there hasn't been any independent trials of this machine - it isn't the same as the oxygen you would get from cylinders or a concentrator as this has to be prescribed and only if medically needed.

Give us a call if we can help further.



Hi there Jo! many thanks for the info, I'm just getting to grips with all the possibilities, casting about in the mud most of the time! I really didn't expect such an instant response from everyone,it's very uplifting....Greeings to all on the BLF helpline AL

Thanks jojam! Gee! I've got two new amigos and I only joined this afternoon! this is going to be a lovely community AL

Hello ageing-lioness :) and welcome to the BLF web community !

I have a feeling we have 'met' before .... does the name Emma mean anything to you ? *winks*

Apologies if I've mistaken you for someone else :(

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