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Not a good day today!!!!

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Hi everyone,

As my title says, I've had a bad day today!

Woke up coughing as usual, sat up in bed and after a while of using ventolin and water, plus coughing alot, it subsided, managed to go back to sleep again but made the mistake of lying down again!

Woke about 2 hours later and started coughing again, this happens every morning when I first wake up. Sat up in bed and used ventolin, seemed to ease off a bit, got up and went to the bathroom, started coughing again, also was being sick, bringing up phlem, sat there for about 15 mins, felt a bit better, thought, I can't stay here all day, and decided to go downstairs, had to sit down straight away and started coughing again, this time though, instead of it easing off it got steadily worse, I was using the ventolin but it didn't help, it just kept getting harder to breathe, I was breathing in but nothing was coming out, really scary! The more I tried to breathe properly the worse it seemed, puffing on the ventolin didn't work either.

Today my dog helped me, Archie was there for me, he sat down beside me and I just stroked him and eventually because I wasn't concertrating on my breathing so much it got better slowly, probably about 3/4 of an hour.

It shook me up big time this episode as I haven't had an attack like that for months, just the normal breathlessness and wheezing normally, not the gasping and fighting for breath like today.

Afterwards, I felt like I had a temperature but I was shivering from head to toe and felt really cold, also I felt totally washed out and exhausted.

I don't want another day like today, it scares me when I can't breathe like today.

Hope everyone else is keeping well,

Jan xx

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15 Replies

I hope wheezing has stopped a scary day made better with a fine friend Archie.


Do hope you are feeling better now,thank God for Archie!He obivously stopped you hyperventilating.It can be so hard to get your breathing under control when feeling scared.

Maybe you need to see your Doctor,to make sure a chest infection isint starting?

Do you have anyone you can call on,when things are a bit hairy?Take care of yourself.

Hugs Wendells xxx

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I am on antibiotics at the moment for chest infection, saw doc 2 days ago.


That all sounds very scary, I know maybe I shouldn't say this, but at times like that it's good to have a tranquilizer, slows everything down and stops you hyperventilating although Archie appears to have helped. Maybe mention the episode to your GP, talk about tranquilizers.

Lib x


Hi Jan, I do hope you are feeling better, that is so scary and we all know how you feel, bless you and Archie, what would we do without our fury friends, take care and keep warm, its bitter out there today.

Teigy x


Jan, I have had this on several occasions. Sputum, being sick, asthmatic etc., causing panic and necessary to get the breathing back to normal. It is usually caused by a chest infections. Unfortunately, it always happens when \i visit my daughter. Her garden is surrounded by pine trees (whatever). I have learned to carry a rescue pack. Hope things settle for you soon, Love Anne80 xx


how awful those times are, and then it does take a bit of getting over. I realise now that I ad been holding tension in shouders and neck so not able to use those extra breating muscles. It is a bit easier now when I remember if I have a bad episode. and proof of letting go helps - whether by stroking your dog or whatever else. do have a rest and hope you soon feeling better. x


You must have been very scared, thank gooness for Archie, it is so easy to say relax and breathe slowly but not easy to do. Perhaps you should get yourself checked out with your doctor he/she may be able to give you something to help.

I also find that walking into rooms with different temperatures can make me cough or breathless.

Hope you are feeling better today. :-)

polly xx


I read about your horrid morning you had this sounds like my son sometimes, I do hope you get better & everyone else on this site,get well soon!Godbless


Jan i have COPD also 2 1/2 years ago i had pneumonia, which put me in hospital for five weeks, i have been on oxygen ever since, although not 24/7. When i came home from hospital just before i went to bed i would start coughing i would sit in the bathroom coughing and spluttering for about an hour,i would cough so much my back would be sore, my sides would be sore and i felt sick, i always brought stuff up. I would still be coughing although no where near as badly when i went to bed, eventually i would get to sleep, but when i got up in the morning it was a repeat of the night before coughing for about an hour. Still cough before going to bed but only for about 10 minutes or so.


I would buy a cough bottle from ASDA Mentholated Bronchial Balsam, it has a green label, i find this helps me to shift the phlegm, also i take Mucodyne capsules these help to thin the gunge and makes it easier to get up.


Jan, what a terrible morning for you, please get checked out by your doctor, or call the copd nurses, don't suffer on your own, get help. Hope you are feeling much better with no more such episodes like that. Bless Archie, he did a wonderful job helping you. Please take care x


Thankyou everyone for all your kind words, I am feeling a bit better today but each time I start to get breathless I can feel myself tensing up in anticipation of another attack like yesterday. I'm sure it wouldn't happen again but about 2 years ago I suffered almost every day with attacks like this one, not just at night but during the day as well.

Thankyou all again, you all manage to cheer me up when I'm not 100%.

Jan xx


I'm pleased to hear you're feeling better, Jan.

Do you not have a rescue pack constantly in the house. If not see your doctor about it. It very much sounds like you need one. Antibiotics for the infection, and steroids for your breathing.


Hi toonamp,

what do you mean by a rescue pack? I have my ventolin and thats it, I puff on that when I am breathless or having a particularly bad attack. Obviously I have different meds but I only have them either in the morning or night! A couple of years ago, when I had a bronchoscopy done, they needed to give me a nebuliser because I couldn't breathe after they had given up and not completed the procedure, mainly because I was getting breathless and coughing continuously. Nobody though has suggested I use one of those again. My brother has one, he needs it every morning as he suffers from pseudomonous? (not sure if spelt right), he asked me only the other day if anyone had suggested using a nebuliser!

Jan xx

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