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New bike ?

I have had bikes all my life that might be part of the reason the old bones are complaining now with more than I care counting been broken living hard and fast the falls take a price on a body.

The normal script of walk more for good lungs is held back by my old mate Arthur Rightus a pain in the just about everywhere, that makes the idea of a bike the obvious choice not going out on it gives it all weather work time - light weight does not take up much room in the house (prob in bedroom) and above all not expensive my economy is no better than the rest of the country.

Exercise bike suggestions on a post card as they used to say.

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Get younger wife.

or a lodger ;-)

You two are very naughty with your sugestions.Hee Hee

I had an exercise bike many years ago when city living and it languished in the corner of the room after the novelty had worn off. Perhaps not enough willpower! A new bike for a significant birthday had me out and about enjoying bike rides like a child with my children. Nowadays, I admit I can't do the miles I did years ago, and the hills are a struggle...BUT... I think a real bike beats an exercise bike any day! I find cycling even fairly short distances is much more effective at clearing lungs than walking. You get much more exercise in a short time, which is great if you're busy, and I find it's very good for my back too. I am an enthusiast!

try a rowing machine.£69.99 Argos.fantastic.!!!!

Sheep....Great for exercise and brilliant for keeping your hands warm :)

I have a bike,it started off under the gazebo,moved to the garage,into the bedroom,off to the spare bedroom and is currently in the bathroom.Worth every penny.

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