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COPD volunteers required for new study (Londoncentric)

Hi All

I just posted a news story on our website that I thought you might be interested in.

Researchers at The Royal Brompton Hospital are looking for volunteers to take part in a

study measuring the effects of traffic pollution on people with COPD.

For all the details on eligibility and how to get involved click on this link

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I would love to but I am not eligible :(

Same Here :P

Except I'am Hardly legible ...... But What Can A Say Must Be Steroids And Fat Fingers :P

Pete goes to the Brompton once a year now and we have often wondered about traffic pollution etc. It seems strange to have a chest/lung hospital in the middle of a polluted City but that is how it is. We will be going back in April but I don't think Pete would be eligible and it is a bit of a pain getting there in the first place but it is a good idea for them to do the research. xx

Walk for roughly 2 hours at a comfortable pace with plenty of rests.Well that's me out then.

Well everyone seems lots of us with Copd can't fulfil the eligibility criteria for many of the research projects, afraid my blood pressure counts me out just for starters, then the walking is impaired by two problems maybe more so Hey Ho can't help even though I have the time. But would be interested in the findings as I live on a traffic polluted road, and often if windows left open the walls indoors have black dust on them presumably from exhaust fumes.

If anybody has got the chance please do it.Any research helps future generations.

i went to the m,e,u,trial building across from Wythenshawe hoz facility oh very nice modern very clean staff was all nice very cosy atmosphere im copd moderate did a spimetry test had a chat was told help myself in the longe kitchen all in1 very large ,giant tv pool table all nice,came home had a call next day,did I get home ok,and name down on list was accepted weel later got a chek for 20pound ,didn't no they paid u,i give it to hospice wat looked after my eldest brother who died with bldy horrible mesothelmial asbestos

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