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Oh what a learning curve I am on, was taken in last week with appendicitis, They were thinking of operating on the friday but did not have time so operated on the saturday, Always wondered how people managed without nil by mouth now I know, too ill to want and your body goes into protective mode.

They would not operate on me on Friday due to my copd and not many staff around.

The most frightening point for me was coming out of the operation apparently I was down for ages ,

I had key hole surgery, but with everything else seemed slow to recover, I was put on a hip and knee ward, and the nurses admitted they did not know how to treat me, On Monday the nurses wanted rid of me, they made it plain, they need the bed, but the surgeon did not want me to go, by Tuesday however the nurses could not have made it more plain.

What no-one seemed to acknowledge was the coughing is making it very sore.

For all that I could not fault the staff on the ward, they were zoo short staffed, you felt guilty to ring the bell, we were in a room of 4 people so tended to wait till one person rang then got the at the same time.

I was pleased I was not on bedpans as the ladies were having to wait 3/4 hour for bed pans

When I left hospital I have come home with my own pharmacy that much medication and pain relief.

Whilst in hospital thankfully I was aware of my medication, but because things were not right on my repeat prescription half my meds were not issued to me. One of the main things they said was sort it out when you see your doctor.

So upon being at the surgery yesterday I request a time for a review, I got back well is it on your meds time for a review, Me--no, her well we don't normally give one, me--njot even if the hospital has requested one.... her oh well ring in next week I have no appointments hrmffff

I feel sometimes that maybe I should be recoverying quicker but I am not , thought this was the idea of key hole surgery , but sometimes the slightest movement sends me into a wimpering banshee, and try and explain the copd cough to someone, how it rips.......

All I can say is its beginning of the year hope thats

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Blimey poor you :(

Who told you you couldn't have a review - a receptionist? Phone again and insist on talking to the doctor I have had a review of my meds after every hospital visit in patient or out patient as hospitals often give you drugs which may have an adverse reaction to your normal ones especially if you are an emergency admission. It is your right to be treated with courtesy and care and I would insist on at least that

Good Luck and hope you feel better soon



Wow I have never heard of such rubbish! You poor thing,get back on the phone and demand an appointment.Maybe this country is different(Aus) but there is no way,a receptionist could query why you want to see the Doctor.That is so crazy.Its no busines of hers.

Good luck with it all,swear and stamp your feet if you have to!!

Love Wendells xxx


I read your account of your experiences in Hospital, jackie50. It seems to me that there was a lot said that didn't add up to me. Why were you put on a ward where nurses didn't understand your postop. treatment. why was the surgeon's wishes counteracted by the nurses wanting beds. All very well, but if you weren't ready to go home...

Bedpans ... how would it be if a commode was left at the bedside if you could get out and use it.

As for the surgery, they want sorting out! I have a cooperative surgery so dont have to fuss but this is what you have to do, probably when you feel least like it. These receptionists dont rule the roost. If they do, ask to see the manager.

There is a organisation called PALS - if you aren't satisfied with anything at all. Think it stands for Patients liaison advisory service or something like that.

I am going to wish you a speedy return to a peaceful life, jackie. You deserve it.


What a nightmare. I do despair of some staff and some hospitals an feel sorry for the really good staff who are then let down by them.

Lynne xx


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