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New York Thankyou

Hi thanks to everybody who replied to my holiday blog flight was great paid insurance 150 walked everywhere in New York for miles done it now and glad I did love to read bloggs good or bad happy or sad its nice to know people understand how u feel.

I am in pulmonary rehab at moment and have met lovely people who have been such an inspiration to me.

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How wonderful for you Elly,So glad you had a great time! What a lovely positive attitude you have,go girl!!

It is great these blogs, being with people that understand.Bless them all.

So glad you are enjoying rehab,it is the best thing since sliced bread!!

Love Wendells xxx


I'm so glad you had a good time and walked everywhere brilliant!! always wanted to visit New York, what a city! Great you're enjoying rehab I hear it does wonders for you,have a lovely weekend :) xxx


I went to New York last year and it had exactly the same effect on me! Walked everywhere, flight great, food, drink and really easy breathing. It was a massive boost toy confidence that I could still get out there and see and do things even with my rubbish lungs. I'm so pleased you had an amazing time in this magical place.

Marie x


Well done .I am pleased you enjojed it



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