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When to have a Spiro done

I was diagnosed COPD back in October 2011, the 6th to be precise.

I have not had a spiro done since then and wondered if I should have one done anytime soon. I am not under the care of a consultant now, just my GP & nurse. My breathing tests showed moderate just below 80% and CT scans showed mild, so not sure which to take as being the right one. Although my rate fo breathing now suggests I take moderate to be right.

I am better in the day than at night, but even getting half way up the stairs is leaving me short of breath and We are in the prcess of swapping bedrooms so our room is right next to the bathroom.

At night I dread going to bed. The minute I lay down I start coughing and choking and it goes on like that all night long and if I do manage to drift of I wake up feeling like I have no air in my lungs and struggle to breath. Then I may have a good couple of nights and then it starts again.

I use my Spiriva in the morning upon waking but I was just saying to Daz that I feel the powder hit the back of my throat and there is stays. That is due to me having other problems that make swallowing difficult, so the powder basically gets stuck there. The ventolin I feel is not working as well as it used to.

I am scared to go back to see the nurse, although she is wonderful, as I have not stopped smoking completely(I smoke 1 or 2 a day, but no more than 2, and some days none at all, but better than the up to 30 a day I was smoking previously). But I am trying my best and she knows that and says 1 or 2 a day is a good start. She is alsoo very honest with me about the things that can happen and I appreciate that from her.

Am I allowed to ask her to do a spiro as I have not had one done in about 16 months. Or should I wait and see if things improve?

I thank you all for your support and it is because of reading all your blogs that I have managed to cut back so drastically with a view to quitting altogether.

Thankks everyone, your ongoing support means so much to me, even hubby is glad I have found somewhere I can be(I think that means it gives his lugholes a rest lol)

Luv yaz all.....Ozzygirl64

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Hi far as your coughing at night goes have you tried sleeping propped up?

since ive had lung trouble I have not been able to sleep as I used to, I would start coughing and spluttering, I always sleep with 2/3 pillows. when in hospital they always make sure I have enough pillows.



Got two big fat pillows and bed is raised top end too, and still no different lol. xxxxx


A thought there just inhalers you self admin .... A know my powder one sticks to the back of my mouth ... Doc said am sucking to fast

A should just eat it .... Really :)


I do not think I am sucking in too fast lol. My throat is narrowing due to excessive scarring caused by constant acid reflux and I blame the Hiatus Hernia for that. And I agree, it would be easier to just eat it xxxxx


Don't know what surgest ... A know being up all night is no fun BLF might have few solutions

You do need to see your gp about new inhalers


Thanks for the link Daz, will go take a look when I have finished here xxxxx


Have they not given you something like Ventolin Ozzygirl...something you can use when climbing the stairs.

don't be afraid of visiting your nurse...she is there to help you...there are several people on here still struggling with the smoking. you sound like you are doing your best.



I have Ventolin as well as the SPiriva Ivyleaf but I am finding the Ventolin either not working or I am having to use even more. I am trying very hard and each time I smoke I tell myself it will kill me and I tend to put it to one side again xxxxx


I stopped coughing as soon as I stopped smoking, strangely. I am fine lying down and just use one pillow.

I am on Spiriva too and have no Robles. Has the GP checked your technique? The NICE guidelines say they should. As a minimum, you should have an annual check up.

Lynne xx


I am so glad you said to read robles as problems but I guessed. Nurse & GP said technique is fine. He said I should be a dab hand at it having used Ventolin in the past for the bronchitis. But I also have narrowing in the throat caused by acid so it does not help. I see GP Tuesday so I may mention it. Failing that I will book a clinic session with my nurse for the following week and try to stay smoke free for that long until I get there. But as I said she is good. It is well over a year for Spiro though so will mention it xxxxxx thanks Lynne


For Robles, read problems lol


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