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Frightening day yesterday

Hubby has another chest infection, I thought a short trip to the shops would make him feel a bit brighter, well his driving became erratic and he nearly crashed into a parked car. I took over and we went home where he became increasingly confused - couldn't even work out how to turn the tv on. Visited our GP at lunchtime and he thought it might be the new 'wee' tablets and we were to stop taking them, off home we went and he got worse and worse. Eventually called the GP (a different one from the same surgery) and he said he thought it was his blood pressure which was dangerously high and gave us a prescription to get it down. Thankfully this morning he seems to be 90% better but my goodness I was frightened. When I think back, the GP gave me a prescription so I had to leave a seriously confused person on their own for half an hour while I went to get it filled - hmmm. Well glad I have got that off my chest. Have to reintroduce the 'wee' tablet on Monday but at a reduced dosage, I wait with baited breath.

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Hi Secondlife.

Sounds as if you must be a cat - used up several lives!

I appreciate how frightened you must have been, but I envy your ability to talk to a doctor or get to see one or even obtain a prescription within a day.

Here in Gloucester a call to my 12 doctor practice is referred to a triage nurse who has 3 or 4 emergency slots only so you my easily miss out, and to get to see any 1 specific doctor may take from 14 to 21 days.


I totally agree with you regarding the normality of the surgery system, it is a nightmare, we are only allowed to see our own GP and he books his own appointments. So you ring the receptionist who asks you what the problem is, they pass it to the doctor who eventually rings you back and, if necessary, makes an appointment - so stupid for people who know what the problem is like most of us do. I have always been tenacious when necessary and tears helped yesterday!

Good for you, sometimes those of us who KNOW what our problems are, have to be pushy - VERY pushy! It works, mainly because they think "Oh God, not HER again, better do something to get rid of her......"

Oh Sylvsmum that made me chuckle but probably very very true

Not so sure about keeping my cool, when I am angry I go through stages and I had reached the last stage of being cool and calculating. Thinking back he has been complaining of headaches and his eyes hurting for a while now but everyone put it down to him needing cataract surgery. Surprisingly this morning he says his eyes do not hurt and the headache has gone. Why do they not check blood pressure regularly these days? Can see us havng to add a blood pressure measuring device to our array at home. Also why do they ask stupid questions like did your parents have high blood pressure and because he doesn't remember they want to know if he got on well with them. He doesn't remember because he was 21 when his parents died and he is now 68!

that sounds good, would you be kind enough to let me know the make and where you got it from please.

Found it thanks, price is about the same although they have some on special offer. I am going to find someone to stay in the flat while I got the pharmacy to get some info and will then order it online so that I can claim the special offer.

If you ever find yourself in this situation again honey, just call for an ambulance. Confusion whilst driving is so frightening for anyone, you weren't to know exactly what the issue it, it was an emergency. Call for immediate help in the future.

I thought when we saw our own GP that he would have sent him to hospital but no, the second doctor at least gave him some medication for blood pressure and said that if he gets worse to call him direct and he would send an ambulance. Today he is 90% better but there is just that small element that is not right and he is again complaining of headaches, I can see a 'good' weekend ahead. Thanks for your advice.

Sounds like my hubbie on day after Boxing Day - confused, semi-conscious - went straight to hospital in ambulance and spent a night on high dependency unit, intravenus antibiotics and catheter. Then two more nights in hospital, two more recovering before my daughter could drive him home up the M1 where he'd left me (I was too poorly to travel in the first place!) So Christmas and New Year completely passed me by! Hope yours settles down soon.

Hope you are both fully recovered now

What a scary experience,I do feel for you.I would have been thinking he had a stroke,or tia.

Daxiemad,made a valid point, about calling for an ambulance,if any concerns, please do that in the future, for both your sakes.Wishing you both all the best,

Love Wendells xxx

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