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Found some more info

Hi all

I found this by accident and learnt something .... I like to know what I have..

No cures ... explanation of what COPD actually is, which I've not come across before other than in vague terms

Long youtube clip (30 mins), not smooth but I thought good and had detail

I have no idea how to hyperlink online, so can only suggest copy and paste

Love and best breathing to all

Bolilly x

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Great find. Thanks for sharing.

Comes up without copying and pasting, thanks a lot.

But, I've never smoked, so lots of it doesn't aply to my particular form of COPD. Also it has never been mentioned that I have either chronic bronchitis or emphesema, just a lifelong ashtmatic. Wish he'd talk a little bit faster!!

Brilliant link thank you i showed my son and he now understands more than before as it was explained simply

Thank you Bolily for the link, I still have so many questions about COPD.

I have some autoimmune illnesses and sometimes I wonder if

my COPD might be related in some ways to my reaction to injury/ disease which causes me to have over-compensating ammounts of inflamation.

I know there was some research into COPD been an autoimmune disease some years ago and yet I can find nohing more recent

.Any way thanks again for the info, I will follow up wih more Utube research.

Linda x

Hi Linda

I have been looking at some other videos by the same man (Andrew Wolf ) on Youtube, I think they are for medical students, so a bit technical

However Ive just looked at one which explained how our lungs are susceptible to inflammation from other inflamed parts of the body. (Very technical tho I got the general idea ...maybe its what you are looking for)


Hi Bolily

Thank you so much for the second video, it certainly fills in a lot of the information gaps, I have always had a "gut feeling" that my colitis and arthritis and heart disease were all related.

It all started with fibromyalgia and has progressed to severe COPD. It seems that Immunosuppressive drugs would help and would certainly be worth a trial. Of course this is impossible as any GP would be outraged at my presumptuousness and total refuse to prescribe.

So im stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have found some Immunosuppressive supplements (on Amazon) but dearly wish I could have proper NHS

medication. I am very grateful to you for the research you have put in for me.

kindest regards Linda x

that was great you really broke it down so well, are there foods or things i can do to stop my inflamation before it starts or the mucus from building up all the time or at least slow it down, i need a double lung transplant but they say i have 95 percent antobodys that will fight anything they put in me, can i get any other method of fixing my lungs a little.

Great explanation and gave me more understanding of the working (or non-working !) of my lungs - thanks bolilly.

Slow pace clear explanation what is not too like

A useful piece of information bolilly :-) my Dr and respiratory nurse could do with watching it, they might learn a thing or two...

Great link, thank you bolilly, I've watched it a couple of times now its good to understand what is happening in our lungs! :) xxx

Thanks ... I agree .... I like to try to understand what's going on .....the medics/docs do not have the time to explain all this stuff

Bolilly x

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