Thanks to all the support from B L F, Community Legal Advice , And last but not least The Benifit Welfare Advice Service as today i am finally getting a home medical from the dwp today at12 .30 pm, although i have been up since since 5am worrying and stressing myself about it fingers crossed and thanks once again for the support especcccially all the community bloggers you've all been great aswell and will let you all know how i get on as soon as i hear!

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  • Hope the days goes well for you Terence, try not to stress too much,it will soon be behind you,I'm saying that but if it was me I'd be the same! good luck and I cant wait to hear how you got on! xxx ( fingers are crossed! ) :)

  • I hope it goes well for you Terence, do let us all know how you get on and I am glad you got the advice and support you have needed, it is a stressful experience



  • Hope it goes really well for you. Try not to stress too much! Much love TAD xx

  • Hi Terence, from reading other blogs on here I realise how stressing this must be, just be yourself, everything crossed for you, hope all goes your way.

    polly xx

  • Best of luck Terence,I'm sure you will be fine! xxx

  • Hi Terence

    Good Luck with this appointment.

    Try to get them to write down everything you say about the problems you have and how the condition affects you.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Best Wishes


  • Good luck Terence!

  • I wish you all the bet of luck.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Terence - have to say I am on tenterhooks waiting to hear how you got on! Hope things went well for you. Px

  • Hi hope your appointment went well not to stressful and good results too . Will be watching for your updates. Every best wish

  • I do hope your appointment went well, they are nerve wracking whether at home or in one of their medical centres xxxxx

  • Hope it went well for you .

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