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I was in a coma in 2003 in birmingham heartlands hospital and my dad signed me up to be part of this drug trial whilst i was still in a coma.Has anyone else been involved in this drug trial or has anyone heard of this or can anyone explain what this is as i no very little and am unsure if there where any side affects to this drug trial as i never have had an answer from the hospital and my lungs are detiriating quicker and quicker

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hi stitch i don't know i phoned the hospital a few years after as it was stated i could find out whether i was given a placebo drug or the real drug the doctor who was looking after me but he refused to comment on my treatment and i was abruptly hung up on after a few phone calls to the hospital they invited me up to the hospital for some answers but did not want to attend as i suffer from P T S D relating to my hospitalisation as my ex partner hit me over th head of which i then ended up breathing in the blood from the head injury which lead to double pnumococal pneumonia and presumably my present lung problems!

Terence, I am extremely shocked that you would be given trial drugs while you were in a coma and it sounds totally unethical to me. I think you need to get a professional person to write a letter on your behalf, maybe your doctor will write a brief letter (though will probably charge you), or a medical negligence solicitor, that would be quite expensive, but you may qualify for legal aid, and a letter from a solicitor is more likely to make them sit up and take notice. If you have problems attending appointment, solicitors will often come to your home. There are also firms who specialise in drugs trials claims. You really do need to get to the bottom of this. Libby

Ten years have passed from original injury this would affect probability of a successful action giving any form of redress in a court of law.

Gather medical evidence, opinions but no great hope dawns in this case on the information in front of us a pro bono opinion.

Thank you all for your comments and concern this has given me the courage to contact the hospital in question and seek some answers and also talk to a B L F nurse and she has never heard of such a drug trial and the only answer she found on the internet WAS my qquestion asking if anybody else had heard about this or had the unfortunate luck of being part of this IN LUNG INJURY DRUG TRIAL??

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