Hi Healthunlockders So far today!!!!!


So far today I am,I am doing alright.

I have not gossiped

lost my temper

been greedy




or self indulgent.

I have not complained,



or eaten any chocolate.

I have charged nothing to my credit card







I wuill be getting out of bed in a minute,and I think I'll really need your help then.

Richard Cornish


Get out of bed and pop along to your local Breathe Easy Group

It's free join up.

Details from the British Lung Foundation

19 Replies

  • So what happened for all this not to happen!! Staying in bed! Life is too short. Love Annie x

  • I do like a lay in!

  • Thanks Richard. :) :)

  • My pleasure

  • Blast, now I know where I have been going wrong ;)


  • Been getting up too early?

  • seems so, I will try your approach xxx

    Did you manage it after you got up?

  • Yep, well mostly!

  • Trouble is we weren't going good,even before we got out of bed!!! xxx

  • Naughty naughty eh

  • That little prayer really sums it all up, I must hide that bl----y credit card.

  • Keep it well hidden.Out of sight out of mind!

  • Unfortunately I can do some of these things whilst in bed.My bed is warm, safe cosy and comfortable and I know I am less trouble if I stay put..However I have to be realistic and keep going about my daily life

  • AllI do in bed is sleep,watch TV and cuddle Badger(my best friend)

  • You may smile at the above prayer, but it is proven that changing the mind set from grumpy to smiley DOES WORK -- go on give it a try------------------ have a good day folks

  • HOW?

  • its the moving from the negative to the positive thing - doesn;t necessesarily remove one's ailments but makes a difference to the life we have to lead .The 'inner me' cannot be hurt unless I allow it to be - if you get my drift ? Getting into a rather deep subject here

    so will treat the HOW as a greeting and say HOW to you too !!!!!!!!!!:-)

  • I think what you are saying can be acheived by being 'A Believer'

  • Silly me.I thought you were giving a brain teaser grumpy to smiley by removing /replacing letters!

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