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Good Morning (or is it?)

Hi There

How is everybody today?

I can see from some other posts that certain areas still have snow falling - here in Liverpool we hardly ever get snow, but this year it has snowed on and off since Thursday. My 7 year old managed to build a (small) 'snowcat' and our 4 year old cat is seriously reluctant to venture out. He is excelling at hanging round the door, me opening the door and him turning back around - this is always when i need to leave for work!! Whilst our 6 month old kitten who can't go out yet has 'escaped' twice and loves the snow.

The following link is from the Met Office showing the severe weather warnings for the UK.

England is still in a stage 3 Cold Weather Alert - the Met Office do not give cold wetaher alerts for Wales/Northern Ireland or Scotland - i will try to find out why this is.

As always keep warm.


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Hi Jo - still perishing where I am, but with some thaw.

I thought the metoffice map link shows clearly the weather alerts for entire UK both Scotland and Ireland, south west clearly marked in yellow, Wednesday through to Sunday.

Yellow areas are Be Aware (below map warning assessments) also look right of the map 'Regions' for further detail, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

I am looking here:


There is variations on warning for entire UK from today through to Sunday (above should have read). On link above only Northern Ireland is included in UK weather warnings.

However below is link for the Irish Met office:


My heating has hit the wall and I swear its colder in the house than outside of it, ah well take the dog for a brisk walk and visit mum for a hot choc and a warm lol.

Keep safe when out and about, snow all but disappeared from the Wirral.



Murphy's law if it can go wrong it will but the timing is always the thing that amazes me when it does during the coldest time and the waiting list for repair stretches almost into springtime. Using cold weather payments to power oil filled rads while keeping most of the house doors closed.


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