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Confused? Well, now I am more than confused, what on earth is going on

Well, I was in having my spirometry done and with each reading, I am thinking in my head, oh, this is bad, this is SOOOOOO bad, I should be able to breath harder than this.

I also had the reversibility test and I knew the salbutamol made no improvement so in each of the 3 readings, I am sitting thinking, oh, this is bad, I should be able to produce more breath than that.

So, this really really nice nurse gets her print out and says to me, well, your lung function is perfectly normal, in fact, it is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She said, as I was doing them and she was looking at the results she was thinking, well, she is doing very good breaths.

So, I am now being told I do not have COPD. One part of me says that makes sense as I seemed to be able to do so much without being acutely SOB but at the same time, I know there is 'something' not right.

Right at this moment, although not having COPD is brilliant news, what I am thinking is this. My CxR showed hyperinflation of my lungs, no sign of any tumor or shadows. But, (and the nurse could not tell me), if perfectly normal lungs can become hyperinflated and the real big concern for me is that in the early stages, malignancies are not always seen on x ray.

I am not trying to be negative but I had just about come to terms with COPD and to now be told I don't have it, I am more confused than ever as to what is happening.

I do have a follow up appointment with my Dr next week and I guess I will have to wait till then.

Hoping she may suggest CT to rule out anything serious

But I am glad I have given up smoking and I am not going to start again irrespective of not having COPD and I am also going to continue with the treadmill and getting fitter, both things are a positive change.

The last thing I will say is that if it is ok with you guys, I would like to hang around for a while at least until I find out what is going on with my lungs, I enjoy your company and in the short time I have been around here, I have had so much support and been given plenty of smiles into the bargin. I will understand though if you dont think that appropriate


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I hope you do stay. Some new members may join and have similar symptoms to you and may be worried and ask advice. Your experiences are valid. It's interesting to know why they think/thought you had COPD in the first place. As they don't always get it right it makes one wonder if they are doing the proper tests.


Thank you puff, I would very much like to stay!:)

I first went to GP with finding myself only slightly SOB in the mornings and feeling so so tired all the time - but I also have health problems that involve fatigue.

Chest x ray report - hyperinflation consistent with COPD or asthma. No shadows or tumors visible

We knew it was not asthma as the ruling out for that is if no symptomatic relief from bronchodialator, it is COPD so because there was no improvement with bronchodialtor, COPD was assumed.

I can not find any 'normal' reason for hyperinflation of the lungs that occur other than in the presence of disease of some sort

But I am going to have to wait for my next appt next week


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I found this. The last paragraph is interesting.

The only sure way I now of detecting emphysema is with a CT scan as the spaces don't show up on Xray as far as I know. Have you had one ?


Get off this site immediately, you don't qualify! Ha ha - only joking, the more the merrier and a big plus for you reading our posts will definitely keep you off those ciggies! Great news for you and all the best. Libby x


It seems really good news Katlover and you are welcome here for as long as you want.

Lynne xx


What wonderful news for you Kat :) *thumbs up* though I can understand your not having a diagnosis for the SOB or tiredness :s

I, for one, would be very disappointed if you left us :( Your contribution is as valid as anyone else's and, as Puff says, your experience may help someone else in the not too distant future :)

Stick around gel ........ please !


Of course you must stay. Let us know how you get on.

Lib x


Wow this is good news Kat re the copd. I hope you get some helpful info from your doc.

Don't you go away now, as well as enjoying your posts I am sure we would all like to know how you get on.

Love C xxx


Thank you for the abundance of kind and supportive comments



Well done on curing your COPD by simply stopping smoking :D

Actually, it was quite a positive step and it could have been your body telling you that smoking was affecting your lungs to give the hyperinflation it did. There was cause for concern, you've changed your habits and the result is very positive news.

By all means, stick around. There's nothing to say you must have a lung condition to take part. ;)


Gordon, do you think I could make vast sums of money with my 'cure' for COPD?



HI Katlover

glad everything went ok, not surprised really from what you told

me of symptoms. good luck when you see doc. take care.



Hello Katlover, I'm so pleased for you!!! I hope you stay here and stay positive and well!! :) xxx


Wow - what brilliant news. Please stay around - we can swap treadmill tales! No wonder you could do do well!

Marie x


Good news. Hope you stay around. x


Hi you had better stay or I will send the heavies round! :)

My lung x-ray showed hyperinflation of my lungs. My last x-ray was about 6 years ago.. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD. When I went for my COPD check up with the nurse before christmas I was told I was out of the COPD range and before it was probably poorly controlled asthma! I was only prescribed salbutomel before but when I was diagnosed with COPD I was given symbicort and spiriva.

Bev x


What fantastic news! All the best to you,and of course we want you to stay around,we'd miss you, and the cats xxx


Hi Katlover,I have just joined,I am a bit thick,But what is HYPERINFLATION..?

I have COPD & have given up smoking for over 12 months now,but I still get out of breath,

It feels like a fist pushed up under my ribs stopping my lungs from opening up.


You are not thick at all Stevo

It has been and is a steep learning curve

Hyperinflation is where the lungs appear, on x ray (interpretation of radiologist reporting) of more air being in the lungs than 'normal' thereby their appearance is over inflated.

The lungs appear over inflated because air that is taken in is not all exhaled and often, when it is COPD, that is because the person is unable to exhale all the air because of the restrictions of their airways

This is most commonly associated with COPD but can also in asthma (acute, not the chronic that is associated with COPD).

It can also be attributed to hyperventilation as would be the case of someone who has regular panic attacks and that hyperventilation can involve either breathing too quickly or the less common one of breathing too deeply.

it can also be caused by other lung disorders but hyperventilation is not a diagnosis in itself, it is a clinical opinion which is often an indication there is a problem with the lungs.

I hope this helps but if you want any more info, just shout



Hi Katlover,Thats I understand.are you a G.P.If not you should be,That's the first time ever I have asked a medical question & got an answer I can understand.Are you shore

your not a G.P.Anyway thanks again for very indepth, understandable & Very helpful,reply.

My wife came back from Dr's yesterday,He told her my antibiotics are not working becouse

im am in (stage 4) Emphysema, END STAGE. I will be 58 in March this year,Nice to talk to you,thank's again.STEVO.


It is "the lovely people" on this site that got me through from the time I was told I had COPD up until my spirometry said otherwise.

And I have more than a spare thought for all of you and while we still have not got to the bottom of why I have something going on with my lungs, I am under no illusion what so ever at what COPD means and what each and every one of you have to deal with.

I was a nurse for many years, predominantly acute medicine so I am very aware of how distressing this condition is and though I have not practiced for some years, I still have many memories of what it is to have COPD.

This is a place where nobody judges anyone and it is a place with a bottomless supply of support and understanding, often from people who are in coping with desperate difficulties breathing.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for everyone on this site for not only their ability to live their lives to the best extent that they are able but for the fact they still hold out their hands to offer support and kindness to others.

A world that was full of this kind of person would be a better world in my book



Hi Katlover, I know that this thread hasn't been used for a long time but I am desperate to know how you are now and whether or not you managed to get a diagnosis that made sense. Reading this here is a mirror image of my state of health and the various diagnosis that I've been given.

Having watched someone I knew, go through all of the stages of COPD in six years before losing his battle scares me so much. I've even been looking into euthanasia as an option rather than face the outcome of this terrible disease.

I've had respiratory tests only days apart that show different results but the X-rays always show hyper inflated lungs. The tiredness is crucifying.

As well as this COPD thing, I do have Rhuematoid arthritis which comes with its own problems. Sadly, I have no one to answer any questions as they all blame the other illness for my symptoms. It's heartbreaking let alone frustrating to have no control over the outcome of your life. I've turned here as at least there is an abundance if kindness.


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