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Enforced sofa surfing

Royal Brompton last Wednesday, and a day from hell for the first time in 7 years of catching the train to London, managed to catch a train going somewhere else, total numpty that I am! Thankfully was able to get back to Hereford quite quickly and catch another train to London quite quickly. Really I shouldn't have bothered because the dashing between trains and tubes, involving stairs and what not seems to have caught up with me. I am always shattered after a day in London, and airways rubbish but well lets just say that this morning I had to use the big yellow taxi.

Yesterday wasn't a good day, struggled to walk Lottie with hubby in the snow, normally I would enjoy Lottie's antics in the snow but chest was so painful just wanted to get home, so after half an hour made the very slow waddle home. Last night I had agreed to look after my godson and his brother for a few hours, and of course look after the darling labs Jazzie and Tilly. The evening for tough and the neb was in use quite a lot to cope with going up and down the stairs checking the boys, probably more so than necessary but when you look after someone else's children you tend to be overly responsible, well I do anyway.

Came home at around 11 after hubby picking up pizza, which I turned down (god must have been feeling rubbish), did have a bit of his but went off to bed because pain was really bad. Did get a few hours sleep but woke up at 2 struggling, so back on neb back to back, no relief prodded hubby who helped me sort myself out and called the little green guys out. They were good but god I hate A & E on a Saturday night, you know those stupid people who are so drunk they need to waste the valuable resources of your local A & E unit, well thank heavens the snow had done the trick and A & E was quiet.

The doctors and nurses were pretty good and got my usual hydrocortisone, magnesium and the first stage of the aminophylline, well the loading dose! Two hours later on the ward consultant is discharging me because I am all knowledgeable, obviously got it all in hand. Yes that might be true to a degree and yes I did sound and feel like my normal self apart from the banging headache that I had that I don't normally get, which I had be promised two paracetamol for three times, but really I should have still have been on aminophylline infusion. Due to past experience it isn't worth the stress of jumping up and down (beside the head couldn't have stood it), easier to come home and crash which is why the enforced sofa surfing. God it is so boring being made to watch TV and sleep by your body, mind you Lottie is enjoying the duvet on the sofa.

Checked my discharge summary when I got home, wrong, apparently I have been ill for a week, and my medication list, well half of it is missing and the rest has the wrong dosages on it, thank heavens I self medicate at my local hospital. Mind you at least when I got home I could take those all important and much needed paracetamol and sleep.

So currently sofa surfing with the pooch and wondering if I can get away with emptying the washing machine that is rumbling away in the kitchen, well at least it is balanced (unlike me lol) and not hip hopping around the kitchen, the joys of a wonky kitchen floor at the moment. Or will the husband pin me down to the sofa (unfortunately not with lust) and empty the washing machine himself.

Hugs to every one Daxiemad and Lottie

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I think you should let Lottie take very good care of you and she should make Mum sofa surf for a good couple of days so that Lottie can have Mum back to enjoying her antics in the snow

Hope you are feeling so much better soon




Daxiemad - I read your message with interest. we have been snowed in and for different reasons to yourself, I have been sitting on the chair surfing and watching TV. First signs of spring, I will have the urge to be up and doing.

it reallt sounds as if you have been having a rough time of it. London is a busy, busy place. I used to work there but nowadays, I get bewildered by the crowds. The underground has been a big NO for years.

Really hope that you lots better soon and moving around. Love Annie x


I feel for you. Get well soon Daxiemad. x


Stay on that sofa, keep warm and take care Lottie and you Daxiemad

Lib x


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