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Afternoon all hope you are well. Must let you know, incase you already dont, but Crown have a new range of paint called Breath easy, and Ive just done my living room and its Brilliant. I did ask the shop assistant I he would open tin so I could smell it. I got a strange look, but who cares, and I couldnt smell a thing. So if anyone wants to try it Breath Easy by Crown. I dont think anyone on here will forget the Name. Happy Decorating and ...breath easy. And if anyone from Crown reads this 10% for the free advert I just gave you..

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  • Thanks thats worth knowing have been putting off dectorating the bedroom because of the effect on me, it means we can have it done now.

    polly xx

  • I have just been diagnosed with COPD, I had to give up work about 10 years ago as I also suffer from crohns disease. I focused on making home a place I wanted to be and much of my time has been spent on DIY.

    I have a room half done when this breathlessness started prior to diagnoisis. I am going to get a respirator to finish the sanding as I am also sanding walls down but I did wonder where things stand with the paint fumes and I shall certainly look into these paints if I cant safely use the normal ones

    Thank you for that information


  • HI

  • how briliant when I come to painting later this year wil look at this

  • hi, ive recently moved into a housing association flat that needed decorating all through. The HA gave me vouchers to use at b and q for the paint etc i bought the breate easy paint and had no problems they also do a breathe easy gloss which is brilliant i used to have problems with gloss paint before i was ill so i was dreading that bit but the breathe easy gloss had no smell either. We decorated before we moved in but every time we came back to do some more there was never a smell of paint. I think its about time the other paint manufacturers followed suit- if one can do it they all can!! It doesnt cost anymore either luckily for me they had a BOG offer when i got mine which made it £10 a tin - evenbetter value and it goes on lovely. I wouldnt use anything else now


  • Thats good news, indeed. My bedroom badly needs decorating - I was wondering where I could sleep for a night or two. Thanks, Annie80

  • That is all great news, I have had to resort to painting woodwork with emulsion before now, so now I know what I can get.

    Lynne xx

  • thanks for the imfo..i ended up in hospital last my partner had painted back door with outdoor paint the smell hit me.and i was realy thats great to know thought we could never do our own painting again....

  • I'm so glad my little snippet has cheered a few of you up. Those of us who are effected by smells know just how strong and uncomfortable they can be. Lets hope a few others can get on board the anti smell campaign. The down side of this is but one : My other half say's Ive done such a brilliant job, the rest of the house etc etc etc. Well if you dont here from me in a while it's because A; Im decorating or B; Im on the run. Breath Easy keep smiling Ian

  • Hi this paint has been around for years have used it a few times myself and it doesnt cost much more

    Sue x

  • Never heard of it over here (Aus.) but will certainly be making enquiries about it.

    Thanks for the info.

    Cheers Wendells xx

  • Thanks for the information usually I have to leave the house when painting is going on ..

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