And Now, I have started to panic again


Was doing pretty well until I had a realization and that has sent my head into a spin. I have not yet had my grading of my COPD but it occurred to me that it was diagnosed by chest x ray.

And it is that which has sent me into a panic. To my knowledge, only more severed COPD can be seen on chest x ray and I am starting to get myself stressed out.

I can still run up and down the stairs so I know my panic is irrational but there it is, panic is there, rational or not

Does anyone know if I am correct here or do I need to just get a grip?

Thanks so much

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  • Your doing great if you can still run up and down stairs. Soooo many cannot do that anymore.

  • If you can run up and down stairs I don't think your COPD would be severe. As far as I know COPD cannot be diagnosed with just Xrays alone. Mine didn't show up with Xrays and I have very severe emphysema.

  • i have severe copd and can hardly get up the stairs let alone run,stop worrying.x

  • Ha ha, me too fishtail! Keep running up and down those stairs Katlover, it's the best thing you can do for your condition. Keep those lungs working! But don't get yourself too out of breath. Libby

  • My Xrays showed a problem, other tests confirmed COPD. And now I can't even WALK upstairs, never mind run! But I am still here..............

  • I really need to get a grip, I get an idea in my head and it runs away with me and despite being so aware of my fitness relative to many of you, the panic still hits.

    I have my spirometry next week and I am trying to get fitter by doing the stairs as many times in one go as I can

    I need to really get a grip of myself I think but the psychology that I guess affects so many of us around this diagnosis does really have a will of its own


  • You're going to be too worn out to do the spirometry at this rate... ;)

  • Have your tried breathing exercises at the same time as listening to a relaxation CD Katlover ? :)

    I found this very helpful after a couple of panic attacks just after my diagnosis and now I very, very rarely get them.

    I have a spare one I would be very happy to post out to you if you want to give it a try :)

  • Katlover, I think I understand where you are coming from. After COPD I had a few other problems and they started testing for heart failure ... the unknown is always more scary then what we know. I panicked, worried, got depressed etc and, when all the tests were in it turned out that all the effects were COPD related. The good news was that MRI's, ECG's, X-rays & blood tests confirmed that my heart is fine.

    I'm quite envious of the idea of running up the stairs; but try and stay calm - like mine, your results could well bring good news!

  • Thank you for all the comments.

    I want to pick up on y-not. you are absolutely right, the fear of the unknown and what the unknown does to the brain and invariably it is turned into the worst case scenario , you know, as far as my brain is concerned, end stage COPD, job done. The fact I can run up and down the stairs 5 times without stopping before my legs say enough is enough does not stop the irrational thoughts and the negative view.

    Thank you, every one of you have helped


  • Just tried heart pumping and feeling slightly dizzy, legs collapsing but that's probably because I've never been particularly a fitness fan!!! I too suffer from the worst case scenario syndrome! I'm sure it doesn't help, but I do understand. Julie

  • Oh Julie, sit and catch your breath. I started on the nhs podcast couch to 5km yesterday, my legs are suffering. I am not a fitness fan either but I am hoping that is going to change as I think self help is the best tool we all have. I am waiting for my treadmill to arrive as jogging on the spot is not the best thing and I am getting seriously bored of running up and down the stairs becasue I just dont want to stop as I am scared my goal and motivation will fade.

    You put it SO succinctly, "worst case scenario syndrome", a Perfect diagnosis I must say

    But well done for the 5 x stair running and your support has been valuable and you have made me smile, thank you



  • I agree....I wish it wasn't so cold because I am so easily persuaded that it's too cold to walk to the shops....much nicer to stay in the warm! Need to keep motivated.

    My problem is that I tend to research EVERYTHING.....just listened to a presentation on Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, which is what I THINK I have. It hasn't been formally diagnosed, but what has been done so far, I believe points to that. Unfortunately, whilst nursing my mother last year with lung cancer, I made friends with a girl at the carers group whose father had this condition. Obviously we discussed our parents in great detail, and now I wish we hadn't! Actually, who am I kidding - I would have searched to find these stories anyhow!

    .......right - I will now don my warm boots and walk as fast as I can to the shops - thanks for your 'motivating' response!!!

    Keep on trucking xx

  • my lung x ray showed emphysema quite a few years ago. I can only go upstairs very slowly and with the help of oxygen most times. If you can still run up the stairs no worry. You will only have mild..You are quite right though that mild often is not seen on an x ray.

  • If I could still run upstairs I would be very happy, stop panicking.

    Lib x

  • i wish i could walk upstairs never mind run, good job i live in abungalow.

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