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Hi all you Healthunlockders Weather it be ,or weather it ain't

SNOW ,SNOW,THICK, THICK SNOW Come to Nottingham to see real SNOW.I have read your comments and most of you don't seem to know what real snow is. Buggies covered up,hibernation,can't do the housework excuses,excuses.Oh dear Oh dear .Come on Healthunlockders be like me,I have fed the birds(feathered variety),Badger(my dog) has been playing in the snow.Now I have got to sit in the warm indoors for the rest of the day being supplied with numerous cups of tea,soup,coffee,chocolate biscuits,snacks ,dinner etc,dog lying by my feet for comfort.And do you know,whilst I sit in comfort I have to listen to the vacuum cleaner(+a lift your feet disturbance),washing machine droning washing the bed linen, clean sheets being put on the bed,some foreign!!!!! language being uttered when the duvet is being assembled,listening to line dancing or is it a new dance called stomping?,listening to the dishwasher.Does the bathroom have to be cleaned ,toilet flushing ,bath being filled with running water,shower walls being sprayedThen knowingly having trying to be sat down peacefully all day I get the full verbal ''Have you done This? have you done That?'' such silly questions followed by ''I'll do it then'' get's me down.Is there no consideration in life nowadays.

Richard Cornish


Don't let things get you down.Join your local Breathe Easy group

Details from the British Lung Foundation

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I think Richard you need to be put outside in the middle of the garden,with a blanket of snow,for a duvet,a glass of ice to drink,

& if you are lucky,maybe 1 or 2 of badgers biscuits! Enjoy! xx


You girls are all the same.Absolutely no sympathy for us downtrodden ,meagre,treated as second class human beings


I dont really want to know real snow is, KOTC. We have enough here to keep me indoors for today at least. Cold air makes me cough - get me a scarf. I just love your GSOH - in fact I think we all do -- love Annie80


Was I being funny? or serious?

Love to you Annie80


I had to think about that, either way, good to read and friendly. Truth can be expressed in jest!! Bye from Annie x


I can imagine you as a snowman with a big carrot nose- don't know why, but I still like you and if I want to hibernate then I shall hibernate Anyway sun is shinning, snow has gone.

Lib x


I will not be able to melt into the background libby



King of the cocktails you've got it made. Must be very tiring for you watching all that work being done!! I feel so sorry for you. NOT.


It's a hard life.


you really are very fortunate Richard to have such a wonderful wife.

best wishes



I know.However I will not show her this item!!


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